• Protecting Pets From Rabies

    To the Editor:

    On Saturday June 20th volunteers made it possible to offer Newtown its 30th annual Low Cost Anti-Rabies Clinic. 

    Local veterinarian Dr Kate Bakewell and assistant Mary Simpson of Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals vaccinated 16 cats and 60 dogs in only 2 hours. 

  • Help For Oklahoma’s Dogs And Cats

    For those who are concerned about the welfare of the pets affected by last week’s tornado that laid low the town of Moore, Okla. and surrounding area, Reed Intermediate School student Aubrey Christensen is coming to the rescue.

    Aubrey and her mother, Nicole, have set up collection boxes at Your Healthy Pet, 224 South Main Street, and at the Parks and Recreation office, Town Hall South, Main Street, for donations of pet food, cat litter, and leashes.