• A Wonderful Life In A Wonderful Town

    To the Editor:

    Given the circumstances that have transpired over the last few months, I felt the need to write you to extend my appreciation to the members of our community.

  • Take The Great Pumpkin Challenge

    To the Editor,

    Fourth Annual Great Pumpkin Challenge - Can I count you in?

    For the fourth year, the Great Pumpkin Challenge is on! I encourage you to join us in what has become a Main Street Halloween tradition. 

  • Relay 2014 Celebrates Life, Remembers Those Lost To Cancer

    Those lost to cancer were remembered: “To my lovely sister who I miss so much, I love you,” said one handwritten message on the Wall of Remembrance displayed during this year’s 2014 Relay for Life on May 31, its tenth in Newtown.  The message continues, “You are missed every day.”

    Pictures of brothers, sisters, and other family members are written on the wall, with many messages to grandma or grandma drawn by a child’s unpracticed hand.

  • We Are In Great Hands

    To the Editor:

    On Saturday, May 31, 2014, I participated in my fifth Relay for Life as a part of the Mighty Moms team. It was a wonderful, chilly night, and a substantial amount of money was raised for the American Cancer Society. Raising money to fund the fight against cancer was the main reason we were all there, but this letter has a different focus.