• Flagpole Idea No. 6

    To the Editor:

    I appreciated Mr LaPorta's letter of last week [“Some Ideas To Save The Flagpole”] mostly due to its positive and constructive nature.

    I would like to add a No. 6. to his ideas:  "SLOW DOWN when approaching the flagpole intersection, and be COURTEOUS."  That has worked for me for the last 53 years!

    Lynn Morrison

  • Some Ideas To Save The Flagpole

    To The Editor:

    When my wife and I were looking for a new home, it was Newtown’s stunning flagpole intersection that sparked our love affair with the town. There is something so powerful about it, the strength and values “for which it stands” being very comforting. I think many who live here, and many who don’t, may feel similarly. So, although its location causes trouble for motorists, I think it should be preserved in place, if at all possible. Here are some ideas to that end:

  • Move The Flagpole

    To the Editor:

  • Another Flagpole Traffic Study?

    To the Editor:

    Seriously, another flagpole traffic study?

    When I read The Bee this weekend I was compelled to write about this ridiculous waste of money and I quote “the study’s price is $17,900, plus related costs” for what? To reach the same old conclusions the previous studies have yielded since 2000!

  • More Traffic Engineering Or More Enforcement?

    To the Editor:

  • Sitting In Traffic

    Try to turn left at the flagpole. Drive by the high school on your way to work. Try to turn into traffic from any of the businesses near Exit 10. Suddenly, in this fast and distracted world, you will experience that rarest of luxuries: time to just sit and think. This is about the nicest thing we can say about traffic congestion in Newtown.

  • Borough Warden Suggests Townwide Traffic Study

    Police Commission members conducted a special meeting last week to discuss the traffic problems posed by the flagpole intersection of Main Street, Church Hill Road, and West Street. They invited the chief elected official of the borough to discuss the matter with them.

    But Borough Warden James Gaston, Sr, urged the Police Commission on March 24 to broaden its review of local traffic issues and to support having a traffic study performed on town roads, generally. Mr Gaston also is a town selectman.

  • Police Commission Slates Session On Flagpole Intersection

    The Police Commission has scheduled a special meeting for next week to discuss the traffic safety issues that exist at the flagpole intersection of Main Street, Church Hill Road, and West Street. The Police Commission is the local traffic authority.

    The meeting is slated for 7 pm on Tuesday, March 24, at Town Hall South at 3 Main Street.

  • Think Outside The Speed Bumps

    To the Editor:

    I read with interest the article in The Bee (2/6), “Police Commission Presses Flagpole Intersection Discussion.” Since 1987, I have lived in The Borough off Currituck Road, one half mile from the flagpole. I have traversed the flagpole thousands of times without incident. Any attention must be in a thoughtful manner, which honors the character of Main Street Center.

  • Police Commission Presses Flagpole Intersection Traffic Discussion

    Police Commission members are reviewing traffic data that indicates that during a six-year period, representing calendar years 2009 through 2014 inclusive, there were 94 reported traffic accidents in the area of the five-legged flagpole intersection, where Main Street, Church Hill Road, and West Street meet.

    Of those 94 incidents, 17 accidents produced injuries, and 18 accidents involved vehicles colliding with the 100-foot-tall flagpole itself, which is not shielded by barriers. Two of the vehicular accidents involved pedestrians.