Buy Local

  • Shop Small

    Now is the season of thanks and of thanks giving. It is also the season that kicks off gift giving, although anyone who has visited a mall or department store in the past six weeks has already been pummeled with jingling bells, fake Santas, and exhortations to buy, buy, buy. Drive here, or drive there to shop here, or shop there. Use the Internet, the phone, or page through that glossy catalog to make sure everyone gets exactly what everyone else in the USA wants. Or, give yourself the gift of time and Shop Small.

  • Buying Local Heralded As ‘The Newtown Way’

    A core group of about 20 local business leaders and town officials gathered March 20 to hear about the next phase of a multistep plan to help boost business and the economic status of many local businesses that have suffered under the combination of a general economic downturn and the 12/14 tragedy.