• There Is No App For Nature

    To the Editor:

    There was a very interesting article in the New York Times this past Sunday (9/27/15): “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk” by Sherry Turkle, an MIT professor. She has been studying the psychology of online connectivity for 30 years; more recently with a focus on what has happened to face-to-face conversation with apps and texting dominating our social culture.

  • Enjoying Nature At Sticks And Stones Farm

    Sunlight like spun glass reflected off the pond at Sticks and Stones Farm Retreat & Education Center Saturday, June 14. Enjoying the breeze, a spot of dappled shade, and the glistening water were Bridgeport residents Jessica Hunter, Carrie Picardi, and Mary Ross. They were among the many local and out-of-town guests at the farm’s fifth annual Open House and Mountain Laurel Festival. The 201 Huntingtown Road location is a quiet and serene escape for those interested in nature, trails, gardening, organic foods and crafts, and more.