• Snapshot: Alexandra Buchanan

    Occupation: I’m studying for my Series Six test, to be a financial planner. I work at New York Life in Stratford. Primarily, I work with people to help take stress out of their lives. I help them organize their assets and accomplish their goals. One thing I feel strongly about is financial literacy. If you educate people, they’ll feel more comfortable around financial decisions. I especially like working with women. I think it’s an underserved population.

  • Snapshot: Kevin Hoyt

    Occupation: I coach track at Newtown High School, and I when I’m not coaching, I work at the Nike store in Westport.

    Family: My mom, Tina Welsh, and stepdad, Ted Welsh, live in Newtown. My dad, Ray, and stepmom, Betsy Hoyt, are in Sandy Hook. My sister, Andrea, lives on Cape Cod. I have a stepbrother, Matt, at Ohio State, and my stepsister, Lindsey, is a junior at Newtown High School.

  • Snapshot: Lisa Mason

    Occupation: I’m an interior designer. My business is Inspirations For Your Home, inspirationsforyourhome.com. I started it eight years ago, and it’s all about interior designs from window treatments to kitchen and bath design and renovation. I’ve always been very creative and my husband and I have built several homes. I like people, so this job combines aspects of meeting new people and bringing my creativity into their homes. Experience is the best teacher.

  • Snapshot: Kim Whitmore

    Occupation: I’m a certified K-6 teacher. I’ve taken the last seven years off to be a stay-at-home mom, but in September, I started teaching part-time at Step Away in Monroe and at St Rose. I’ve recently started a preschool tutoring and education consulting business, called PreKConnect —prekconnect.com. I tutor 4-year-olds for kindergarten readiness, at my home or at the library. I’m also available to go into preschools to help bump up the curriculum.

  • Snapshot: Joe Proc

    Occupation: I’m a full-time musician. I teach guitar and bass, I do detailed repair of string instruments, and I build string instruments. My business is Arrowhead Guitars. I’m a vocal coach, as well. My own band is Off The Hook, and we’ve been around for 20 years, playing rock, blues, funk, jazz, folk — a little of everything. I’ve been in bands since I was 15, and started playing guitar when I was 10 years old.

  • Snapshot: Stephanie Cinque

    Occupation: I’m the founder and executive director of the Resiliency Center of Newtown, since 2013. Prior to that, I was a forensics social worker for the State of Connecticut Public Defenders.

    Family: I have a son, Chase, who is 8, and a daughter, Alexis, who is 6.

    Pets: We have a dog, Sammy. He is a Shih Tzu-Lhasa mix, and just 4 years old.

  • Snapshot: Marcia Taylor

    Occupation: I’m a potter and wildlife artist. I’ve been doing pottery for 15 years, after selling insurance for 30 years. I sell my works through galleries. Right now, I have items at galleries in Ridgefield, Block Island, and my main gallery in Jackson, N.H., Cassidy Gallery.

    Family: I have three amazing adult children, Amanda, Jennifer, and Greg, who are my mentors and buddies. I’m very proud of them. And there is my fiancé, Chris Cushman, as well.

  • Snapshot: Erik Ferjentsik

    Occupation: I’m a consultant for medical practices. The proper title is transition consultant. I help doctors buy, sell, start, and grow medical practices.

  • Snapshot: Bart Smith

    Occupation: I’m a printer. I work for R.R. Donnelley; we’re all over the world. I’m a salesperson, so I work out of my office in Newtown.

    Family: My wife is Barbara Kershaw. She’s an attorney in town. We have no children.

    Pets: Not anymore. We used to have a Great Pyrenees dog and a couple of cats, but they’ve all departed. We’re leaning toward a dog sometime, though.

  • Snapshot: Ryan Buchanan

    Occupation: I went to school for graphic design and that’s what I do. I freelance for private parties and small firms. I’m also a fine arts artist and sell those works, too.

    Family: I have an older sister, Alex, and a younger brother, Scotty. My mom, Diane, and my dad, Scott, live in Newtown.

    Pets: I don’t have any pets. My sister and I always joke that we wanted a pet, but we got a little brother instead.