Middle Gate Elementary School

  • Middle Gate Holds Community Circle On Diversity

    Middle Gate Elementary School’s Community Circle assembly events held on Thursday, October 22, and Friday, October 23, focused on diversity.

    Middle Gate special education teacher Lola Aldrich, first grade teacher Shannon Pierce, and third grade teacher Claire DeSisto led the assembly on Thursday.

    Mr DeSisto welcomed the assembled students and explained that the event would focus on diversity.

    A good message for students to learn, Ms Pierce said, is “that we can make new friends even when people are different.”

  • An Anti-Bullying Laser Presentation At Middle Gate

    Jamie Gannon of Prismatic Magic announced during a school assembly at Middle Gate Elementary School on Friday, October 16, that he “brought the world’s coolest lasers” for the anti-bullying presentation.

  • Middle Gate Gathers Together With A Special Message

    A Newtown Hook & Ladder Co. #1 ladder truck, and two drones, like the one pictured, were used to take photos and video on Thursday, October 8, of the Middle Gate School community gathering to form the words Be Kind and the shape of a heart.

  • Historical Society Hosts Lessons In One-Room School House

    Newtown Historical Society representatives opened the Little Red Schoolhouse on the grounds of Middle Gate Elementary School on Sunday, September 20, to conduct classes inside the historic schoolhouse and offer recess activities on the lawn.

    Costumed docents — Mike Asselta, Barbara Wilson, Maren Brady, and Kimmie Johnson — welcomed the participants for class just after 12:30 pm. The event was held for children between 5 and 10 years old.

  • School Board Celebrates Newtown’s Teacher Of The Year

    Middle Gate Elementary School music teacher Tina Jones was recognized during the Board of Education’s meeting on Tuesday, September 15, during the board’s Celebration of Excellence portion of the meeting.

    Mrs Jones was selected by the district as the 2015-16 Newtown Public School Teacher of the Year, and the district announced the  honor in June.

    The Board of Education has a practice of highlighting accomplishment in the district during its Celebration of Excellence portion of meetings.

  • Kindergarteners Welcomed Off The Buses At Middle Gate

    Across the school district, kindergarteners boarded their buses for the first time ahead of the 2015-16 school year on Tuesday, August 25.

    At Middle Gate Elementary School volunteers and teachers were already waiting as students stepped off the buses.

    Some older students were also on hand to help guide the kindergarteners from their buses and into the school’s library, where kindergarten teachers Tanya LaBonia, Melissa Massett, Dori Parniawski, and Dorothy Schmidt were waiting to introduce themselves.

  • Middle Gate Hosts Laser Show

    The Middle Gate Elementary School hosted its annual PTA-sponsored laser light show for the students to celebrate the end of the school year on Tuesday, June 16.

    The show was put on by Prismatic Magic, a countrywide laser light show that travels to schools, according to the group’s website.

    Eric “Myster-E” Shandroff with Prismatic Magic was introduced to the assembled students for the celebration in the school’s gymnasium.

  • Feathery, Scaly Thank You For Middle Gate Students

    Middle Gate Elementary School students were treated to a visit by crew and animals from Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, Wednesday, June 10, as a thank you to the school’s student body.

    As part of the school’s Middle Gate Loves To Read Week, which ran April 6 to 10, the students participated in a coin drive that raised $747.06, all of which went to fund the Beardsley Zoo’s rehabilitating and sheltering of an injured bald eagle named Kodiak.

  • Middle Gate End Of The Year Assembly Held

    As Middle Gate Elementary School lead teacher Peggy Kennedy thanked parents at the school's end of the year assembly, which was held on Tuesday, June 16, to celebrate the school's graduating fourth grade students, she said the school community is "so, so especially proud of their accomplishments."

  • Author Lita Judge Visits Schools

    Author and illustrator Lita Judge visited three of Newtown’s elementary schools between Monday, May 11, and Thursday, May 14, sharing stories about her life, her pets, and from her books.

    Her first visit was to Middle Gate Elementary School on Monday, May 11.