Reed Intermediate School

  • Reed Students Display Science Fair Projects

    Reed Intermediate School students in Todd Stentiford and Maura Drabik’s sixth grade cluster displayed recently completed projects for a Science Fair on Wednesday, June 3.

    According to Mr Stentiford and Ms Drabik, this was the third year students in their cluster have participated in a Science Fair.

    Mr Stentiford estimated there were 25 displayed projects, which shared a variety of concepts and studies. The projects, Mr Stentiford said, are based on the sixth grade curriculum.

  • Reed And St Rose Students CompeteIn Interscholastic Chess Tournament

    Reed Intermediate School and St Rose of Lima School students took part in the first interscholastic chess tournament between the two schools Thursday, May 28 at the Reed School.

    The tournament was organized by Reed fifth grade math and science teacher and chess club advisor Rich Neeb and Glenn Budzinski, who runs the after-school chess program at St Rose and coaches the Chess Team and Club for both St Rose and Danbury High School.

  • Reed's Pushcart Warriors Break School Record Again

    Reed Intermediate School's 2015 Pushcart Warriors have broken the school's previous record, by earning more than $5,900 to use toward a charity of the students' choosing.

    Pushcart Day was held on Tuesday, June 9, for this year's students, with sixth graders in Petrice DiVanno and Matt Dalton's cluster, Lil Martenson and Michelle Vaccaro's cluster, Maura Drabik and Todd Stentiford's cluster, and Georgia Smith and Valerie Pagano-Hepburn's cluster all participating.

  • School Year Ends With Cheer

    Music played over the loudspeakers at Head O’ Meadow Elementary School on Wednesday, June 17, just moments before the last bell rang for the 2014-15 school year.

    And that was when some of the school’s fourth grade students began to dance.

    According to staff, students danced in their classrooms while the song “Happy” played.

    By the time “Uptown Funk” was being played, the fourth graders formed a dance line.

  • Reed Renaissance Faire Held

    Reed Intermediate School’s Library/Media Center was taken over for a period of time on Wednesday, June 3, by a Renaissance Faire.

    Sixth grade students in Michael Corvello and Ellen Buckley’s cluster had projects on display during the faire. Other clusters at the school were welcomed to venture through the library to learn about the projects, and parents and family members were also invited for the event.

  • Liberian School Opens Thanks To Reed’s Pushcart Warriors

    A school effort that began with a book has built a school in Liberia.

    Reed teachers Valerie Pagano-Hepburn, Lil Martenson, Patrice DiVanno, and Karen King visited Newtown Middle School on Friday, June 5, to share the news with former Reed students, who gathered into the NMS’s auditorium during two assemblies.

    “It’s so exciting. You’re going to be blown away,” said Ms Pagano-Hepburn to her former students before Ms King shared the story of how the school came to be built.

  • Broadway, Movie Star Visits RIS’s ‘Annie Jr’ Cast Members

    A sign was set up at Reed Intermediate School on Thursday, May 14, welcoming Broadway and movie actress Lilla Crawford and Tony Award-winning producer Van Dean to the Trades Lane school.

    Mr Dean, who is also executive producer and co-founder of Broadway Records, said he arranged the meeting after learning that Reed students were then preparing to perform Annie Jr, and to continue his efforts of supporting students in the community following the events of 12/14.

  • Night Of Jazz Brings District Ensembles Together

    The 16th Annual Newtown Night Of Jazz brought the district’s four jazz ensembles together to perform for the community during the evening of Thursday, May 7, at Newtown High School.

    The Reed Intermediate School’s Jazz Ensemble performed under the guidance of Directors Robert Nolte and Phil Beierle, the Newtown Middle School Jazz Band performed under the guidance of Director Mark Mahoney, and the Newtown High School Gold and Blue Bands were directed by Kurt Eckhardt.

  • Storyteller Visits Reed School

    Storyteller Eshu Bumpus visited with students at Reed Intermediate School on Monday, May 4, sharing stories and storytelling advice.

    During one of his presentations of the day, Mr Bumpus was introduced by Reed media specialist Pia Ledina to students gathered in the school’s Library Media Center.

    Ms Ledina told the students that Mr Bumpus is a professional storyteller who performs at festivals and more and he was there to work with the students during a workshop about storytelling.

  • ‘Annie Jr’ Being Staged Friday And Saturday At Reed

    With Reed Intermediate School’s musical production of Annie Jr set to take the stage this Friday, May 8, at 7 pm, and Saturday, May 9, at 6 pm, Director Sharon Vetrano said on May 5, the students and everyone involved in the production are excited.

    “They are absolutely amazing,” said Ms Vetrano before a run-through rehearsal started on Tuesday. “They worked so incredibly hard.”

    The plot of Annie Jr follows a young orphan girl as she searches for a family.