Board of Education

  • Heritage vs Education

    To the Editor:

    Residents and visitors extol the beauty and character of our downtown. Historic buildings, faithfully serving the purpose for which they were designed a century ago, are vibrant reminders of Newtown’s heritage.

    Our downtown schools are the epitome of that heritage. They’re beloved icons, beautiful and still fulfilling our needs.

  • Finding Home At Hawley School

    To the Editor:

  • It’s Foolhardy To Close A School

    To the Editor:

    Mary Hawley was not shortsighted.  We shouldn’t be either.  It seems to me that the powers that be are jumping the gun when it comes to closing any of  schools.  There are generations yet to be born in our wonderful town, and it is foolhardy to close a school (particularly one as beloved and historical as Hawley).  It is far easier to close a school than it is to reopen one.

  • Elementary Schools Are The Heart Of The Community’s Identity

    To the Editor:

  • Don’t Close Historic Hawley School

    To the Editor:

    Closing any school in Newtown, especially the historic Hawley Elementary School, is not a good idea. Hawley turns 100 years old in six years and was one of the six gifts given to the town of Newtown by Elizabeth Hawley.  Not many towns have history like that.  We need to keep and preserve this historical resource and not let it fall into decay like the buildings at Fairfield Hills. 

  • Closing Hawley Will Affect Us All

    To the Editor:

    The possible closing of Hawley Elementary School will affect us all! 

    As a local Newtown business owner for 15 years and now finally a resident of Newtown, I was ecstatic about entering my three young children into the Hawley Elementary School this fall, in 2017 and then again in 2018. With the threat of it closing, I am deeply saddened and fearful for my community.

    *I strongly believe any upward and positive momentum after 12/14 will be in severe jeopardy.

  • Hawley Parents Voice Concerns And ‘SOS’ Message To Superintendent

    Within a week of a Facility and Enrollment Study Committee report presentation, the Hawley Elementary School community delivered a sharp response to the idea of closing the school.

  • Close No Schools: Heal and Grow Newtown

    To the Editor:

    If you were fortunate enough to be on Church Hill Road Wednesday morning, you might have seen the best illustration of why we need Hawley School in the center of our town: 50 kindergartners joyously marched along the sidewalk from Hawley to Big Y on an annual field trip that has become one of the beloved traditions of the school. It was beautiful. It was educational. It was community. It was a visible sign of the heart of Newtown.

  • Heed The Voice Of The Community On Hawley’s Future

    To the Editor:

    We are writing to express our strong opposition to the recommendation of closing Hawley Elementary School and our deep concerns as members of the Newtown community.

    We moved to Newtown three years ago looking for the best education for our oldest son who was about to enter Kindergarten in 2011. Currently our children attend Hawley  (3rd and 2nd grade) and in the near future kinder garden in 2016. We have read Dr. Erardi presentation to the BOE and we have so many concerns.

  • Don’t Rush Into A Decision On Hawley School

    To the Editor:

    I'm not from Newtown. In fact I grew up over 3,000 miles away in London, England. However, over the last 13 years Newtown has become my home town, due in large part to the school communities that have warmly welcomed our family.