highway department

  • Blizzard Warning Issued For Newtown, Region; ‘Crippling And Possibly Historic Storm’ Approaching

    Newtown Public Works crews spent the majority of Saturday working to clear the town’s roads of a quick snowstorm that dropped approximately 6-8 inches of snow and a small amount of freezing rain on Newtown before the storm cleared by late morning. Now it looks like the same employees who spent up to 15 hours working on January 24 need to get ready for a second storm, and this one may be very serious. The National Weather Service this afternoon has upgraded a Winter Storm Watch that had included most of Fairfield County to a Blizzard Warning.

  • Responding To The Call

    To the Editor:

    We want to compliment the Newtown streets department for the excellent service received today.

    Yesterday we reported a safety hazard concerning bushes growing out into the street on Paugussett Road forcing cars to drive into center of street which was dangerously close to oncoming traffic.  Today, these bushes were completely trimmed by town employee back to edge of the road allowing safe travel again.

    Pat and Bill Smith

  • Decorating Sandy Hook

    To the Editor:

    On behalf of S.H.O.P. (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity) I would like to thank Bill Halstead and his team at Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue for assisting in putting up and maintaining the flags in Sandy Hook Village.

    I would also like to thank Anthony Capozzielllo and his team at the Highway Department for assisting with the flower boxes in Sandy Hook Village.  Sandy Hook Village is truly a place within us all.

    Sharon Doherty

  • A Quick Response

    To the Editor:

    I want to thank Fred Hurley and his crew at the Highway Department. I e-mailed Fred on March 16, 2014. I brought to his attention a large tree along side 24 Great Ring Road. This tree was diseased and rotted. A number of times I had to remove large branches from the street.

    By noon the next day his crew was there removing the tree. They had the job done in a few hours. Thanks again to Fred and his crew.

    Lewis Sessa

    24 Great Ring Road, Sandy Hook March 18, 2014

  • Account Transfers Means Winter Maintenance Budgets Back In The Black

    Snow and ice have been repeatedly blanketing Newtown since late fall, pushing the Public Works Department’s winter maintenance budgets into the red in recent weeks. But a transfer of $116,106 that is expected to be approved by the Legislative Council February 19 will put those well-tapped budget lines back in the black according to Public Works Director Fred Hurley.

  • On Dayton Street: Enjoy The View, But Beware Of The Drop!

    Dayton Street, a 1,400-foot-long residential dead-end road extending northward from Church Hill Road in Sandy Hook Center, offers an impressive view of the Pootatuck River.

    However, motorists who happen to drive on the street during the next several days should take care because the road currently has no protective barriers along its eastern edge, which is adjacent to a steep slope leading down to the river.

  • Newtown’s Deplorable Roads

    To the Editor:

    We pay at least $8,000 in taxes every year to this town, as I'm sure many others do.  We are not getting our money's worth.  Some of the roads in this town are deplorable.  I go to tag sales every week-end and at least three paved roads are disgusting.  Platt's Hill Road looks like it hasn't been done in the 45 years I've lived here.  Parts of Brushy Hill Road and all of Shut Road are terrible.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    I craned my neck as best I could, trying to see through the cloud cover during Monday’s Labor Day Parade, but I did not see a single vintage airplane or B-17 flying overhead. Parade Committee President Beth Caldwell cleared up the mystery for me, saying that last minute paperwork due to increased security could not be filed in time to schedule the planes this year, after all. Fortunately, there were plenty of wonderful distractions at ground level to alleviate any brief disappointment over the unexpected cancellation.