• The Top of the Mountain

    The annual celebration of your right to read what you like, Banned Books Week, started this past Saturday, September 27, and runs through Saturday, October 3. For reasons that range from “anti-family” to “unsuited to age group,” to dozens of other supposed offensives, hundreds of books each year are targeted by groups and individuals for removal from school and public libraries.

  • How The Garden Grows

    It is the time of year when we dig our fingers into the soil, plant seeds, and hope that they will flourish. We look forward to the bounty our gardens will provide. While not the agricultural community that it once was, Newtown is still a place where backyard gardens proliferate.

  • Timely Help For The Town And Country Club

    To the Editor::

     On behalf of The Town and Country Club of Newtown, I would like to extend the thanks of all the members to Fred Hurley, head of public works, and Ron Bolmer, project manager, and everyone else who was involved in completing the project that involved installing paving around the island located at Glover Avenue and Route 25.  The paving will make a huge difference in watering the plants on the island since the members have to carry water out to it all summer long.