• Republicans List Core Values And Goals

    To the Editor:

    Republicans believe that strong values are the cornerstone of how effective governmental bodies can move forward.  In 2011 and 2013, Republicans, led by First Selectman Pat Llodra, campaigned on and laid out core values and goals that continue to guide and inform our decisions today. Your Republican team feels they should focus on these topics for the next two years:

    Continue to Address the Residential Tax Burden

  • The Downside Of ‘Too Much Power’

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  • Newtown Politics, Partisan Or Not?

    To the Editor:

    Are Newtown politics partisan or not? Three Charter Revision Commission members wrote a letter to The Bee on May 13, “Clarifying the Charter,” indicating that they thought “not.” They argued that the voting “history [of the Board of Education] suggests that the Newtowners who run for public office do so because they believe they can make positive changes in our town not for partisan ideology.” Two pieces recently published in The Bee, however, reveal quite a different perspective.

  • Trump The Donald

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  • In Answer To The Answer To The Republican Question

    To the Editor:

    This is in response to the letter to the editor (“An Answer To The Republican Question”) in this issue.  Most residents know that I try to stay positive and share only facts. So please accepts these words in that tone –clarification and sharing of facts.

  • An Answer To The Republican Question

    To the Editor:

  • Should Supreme Court Members Be Elected?

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  • How A Simple Response Becomes Political Currency

    To the Editor:

    Why are some routine functions of some town departments performed only at the will of the first selectman?

    When a complaint was made to Land Use recently about violations in my neighborhood, a town employee told the caller he would check into it and call her back. He never did.

  • The Budget And Our Quaint Political Wisdom

    Received wisdom in this age of politics and polemics holds that we should do unto others before they do unto us: define opponents in the worst possible light before they can define themselves, ignore facts when possible, and make them up when necessary. Above all, never listen to anyone who might hold a contrary view.

  • The Worst Form Of Government

    Election day is welcomed and celebrated in this country as the culmination of the democratic process — a system that is supposed to make our representative government accountable and self-correcting. It ensures a government of, by, and for the people.