Truck Inspection Project Uncovers Multiple Violations

Municipal police from Newtown, Monroe, and Trumbull combined forces with the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) on May 18 in a joint effort aimed at getting dangerous trucks off the road through commercial vehicle inspections.

Police from the three towns pulled over commercial trucks along a section of Route 25, after which the truck drivers were directed to a parking area behind a warehouse in Monroe where the trucks were inspected. Route 25 links the three communities.

Newtown Police Patrol Officer Jeffrey Silver, who is a commercial truck inspector, along with DMV truck inspectors Chris Ward and Frank Scalzo, did extensive checks on the vehicles to determine whether they were roadworthy. A commercial truck inspection may more than an hour to perform.

Eleven trucks were inspected during the project, said Newtown Police Sergeant Aaron Bahamonde. The inspectors found 56 violations on those 11 trucks, he said.

Six of the 11 trucks had such serious violations that those six trucks were taken out of service until suitable repairs could be made, Sgt Bahamonde said.

Serious violations that were found included problems securing loads, lighting problems, inoperable brakes, overweight trucks, a loose steering box, and damaged axle positioning parts, he said.

Also, four truck drivers were placed out of service for violations including truck logbook issues and failure to wear required eyeglasses.

The inspectors issued written violation reports requiring the trucking companies to correct the various violations. The inspectors issued approximately $3,000 worth of fines, Sgt Bahamonde said.

The May 18 enforcement project, which was very successful, marked the first time that the three town police departments had a joint truck enforcement event, the sergeant said. Additional projects will be held in the future, he said.

Inspecting commercial trucks for violations enhances the public's safety by keeping dangerous vehicles off the roads until suitable repairs can be made, according to the sergeant.

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