• Police Seeking Child Day Care Info

    Town police are asking local child day care centers to review a recent state law to learn whether that law requires them to provide certain contact information to police. Police would use such contact information to reach those day care centers to inform them of any emergencies or natural disasters that may affect the safety of the children at the centers. The new law, An Act Concerning Notification By Law Enforcement Agencies To Day Care Centers, or Public Act 15-161, takes effect on October 1.

  • School Board Approves Avielle Foundation’s Spark Initiative Pilot

    The Board of Education approved The Avielle Foundation’s Spark Project as a pilot for the 2015-16 school year during its meeting on Thursday, July 30.  The Spark Project is a program of The Avielle Foundation, and it is an initiative to develop social-emotional learning, leadership, and compassion skills on a communitywide basis and beyond. Following a presentation by Avielle Foundation Co-Founder Jeremy Richman in May, Newtown Public Schools Recovery Project Director Judy Blanchard and Mental Health Advisor Melissa Brymer reviewed different aspects of the Spark Project and presented that information to the board last week.

  • Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission Seeking Private Land Donors

    The Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission is in the process of putting together an inventory of land possibilities within the Newtown community for where a permanent memorial, honoring the 26 lives lost on December 14, 2012, could call home. The inventory is coming to life based on criteria that the commission has put together, based on feedback from the information-gathering stage. “We want to assure we create a comprehensive list of location options,” SHPMC Commission Chairman Kyle Lyddy said. “Should there be private land options available that a resident is willing to contribute, we’d love to understand what those are, and if they fit into our criteria."

  • Proposed Settlement Reached In Lanza Estate Lawsuits

    The 16 plaintiffs in lawsuits that were filed earlier this year against the estate of Nancy Lanza would receive nearly $94,000 each in a proposed settlement of those legal claims.The lawsuits stem from the December 14, 2012, shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in which Ms Lanza’s son, Adam Lanza, shot and killed 20 first grade students and six adult women.In a July 31 letter to Probate Judge Joseph A. Egan, Jr, attorney Angelo A. Ziotus, representing the estate of James Mattioli, explains 16 plaintiffs have consolidated their claims in a proposed settlement to resolve their lawsuits against the Nancy Lanza estate. The plaintiffs are the estates of students James Mattioli, Emilie Parker, Grace McDonnell, Jack Pinto, Charlotte Bacon, Jessica Rekos,Daniel Barden, Dylan Hockley, Jesse Lewis, and Benjamin Wheeler; the estates of educators Rachel D’Avino, Lauren Rousseau, Mary Sherlach, and Victoria Soto; and surviving educators Natalie Hammond and Deborah Pisani.

  • Officer Penna Back In The Saddle For Police Bicycle Patrol

    As part of its community policing program, the police department has resumed its warm-weather bicycle patrols, with Officer Leonard Penna monitoring central sections of town while traveling on a mountain bike. It is the seventh season that Officer Penna has handled his police patrol duties from the saddle of a specialized police bicycle. Officer Penna said that using a bicycle allows police to quietly and unobtrusively patrol in areas where there are many pedestrians, such as the town center, Fairfield Hills, Dickinson Park, and various parking lots. Church Hill Road, Queen Street, Main Street, and South Main Street are among the patrol areas.

  • Sandy Hook Fire Substation Expansion Hearing Set For August 6

    A proposal to more than double the size of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company’s fire substation at 249 Berkshire Road is scheduled for public discussion at a Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing slated for 7:30 pm on Thursday, August 6. The substation, which was built in the late 1960s on a 2.4-acre site in a R-2 (Residential) zone, is no longer large enough for the fire company’s needs, according to Sandy Hook Fire Chief Bill Halstead.

  • Shelton Woman Appointed Assistant Schools Superintendent

    The Board of Education has appointed a Shelton woman as the assistant superintendent for the public school system. Following a July 30 executive session, at which they discussed hiring a person to fill the position created by the recent resignation of Linda Gejda, school board members voted to hire Jean M. Evans Davila, who would leave her post as a Norwalk school administrator to become Newtown’s assistant school superintendent. School Board Chair Keith Alexander Thursday evening said board members are very pleased with Ms Davila’s wide range of experience. Ms Davila said she hopes to start her Newtown position by mid-August.

  • Fire Reports, July 23-30, 2015

  • Police Reports, July 16-28, 2015

  • Change Of Zone Sought For South Main Retail Proposal

    The Planning and Zoning Commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Thursday, August 6, on Tractor Supply Company's proposal for a change of zone for a 8.19-acre site at 116 South Main Street, toward the goal of building a 19,097-square-foot store, plus a 15,000-square-foot outdoor sales area. The property is on the west side of South Main Street, south of South Main Street’s intersection with Simm Lane. New England Retail Properties would buy the land from current owners John Mead and Nicole Buxton. An existing circa 1810 house and other structures on the site would be demolished to make way for the retail development. The P&Z session is slated for 7:30 pm at Newtown Municipal Center.