• Newtown Families Return To Capitol Hill Six Months After Tragedy

    Washington- Having brushed aside efforts to strengthen the nation’s gun laws, Congress has turned its attention toward other issues, including immigration reform and alleged abuses by the IRS and National Security Administration.But for the families affected by the 12/14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School and their neighbors, there is no moving on.A group of Newtown families will mark the six-month anniversary of the shooting of 20 first-graders and six educators by taking a school bus to Washington to confront lawmakers who rejected even the most modest of gun-control reforms. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the organization founded and funded by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, will pay for the bus.The Newtown Action Alliance, a nonprofit group created after the tragedy, has organized the two-day trip...

  • Day Of Remembrance To Mark Six-Month Anniversary Of 12/14

    Family members of those killed 12/14, along with elected officials, faith leaders, and other community members, will join together in a day of remembrance and a call to action on Friday, June 14. They will gather at Edmond Town Hall to read the names of victims of gun violence and urge their representatives in Congress to support legislation that would require comprehensive background checks. After a moment of silence at 9:30 am, there will be a rally and press conference to include Newtown survivors, Governor Dannel P. Malloy, and First Selectman Pat Llodra. In addition, Mayors Against Illegal Guns will officially launch its “No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence” tour from Newtown.

  • Flag With Messages Of Support Delivered From The Front Lines Of Afghanistan

    Sgt Laurence F Bennett was fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan when his unit learned about the tragic school shootings that happened in Newtown, so he obtained a Connecticut flag that was flying over his base and began gathering signatures. A few days before the end of his...

  • Children Leave Schools After 'Modified Lockdown'; Phone Call Threat Received

    The office of the Superintendent of Schools has confirmed that Newtown schools were placed in "modified lockdown" this afternoon. They did not elaborate on the nature of the threat.At 2:05 pm a phone call was received at Hawley School issuing an "unspecified" threat, according to the superintendent's office. By 3 pm, school buses were authorized to take children home even though Superintendent of Schools had not formally lifted the modified lockdown order.The Newtown police were not immediately available to comment on the report, although they did respond immediately to Hawley School.The superintendent's office has sent the following email to parents:

  • Police Probe Threat Of Violence Against Hawley School Occupants

    Newtown police are working with federal law officials to find out who telephoned a threat in to Hawley School on Monday, an incident which triggered a police response and a “modified lockdown” for the Church Hill Road elementary school, plus the six other public schools and three private schools in town. No students or faculty were injured in the incident, Chief Kehoe said.

  • Assured Of Its Passage, Newtown Delegation Votes No On $2B Bonding Measure

    All four members of Newtown's legislative delegation - Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, along with Reps Mitch Bolinsky, DebraLee Hovey and Dan Carter - knew from day one of this year's session, that the community would be "made whole" post 12/14 with state funding to rebuild Sandy Hook School. So when it was clear the Democratic majority would handily pass a massive bonding measure the four lawmakers say contained $750 million in cash for "operating expenses" alongside a $50 million allocation for a new school, all four of Newtown's delegation felt justified voting against the overall bonding measure.

  • Police Dog Baro Retires; New Dog Sought

    Town police said this week that Baro, their nearly 10-year-old German shepherd, has been retired from law enforcement service due to health concerns. After examination and consultation with veterinarians at Newtown Veterinary Specialists (NVS), Newtown Police on June 5 announced the canine's retirement, effective immediately. Baro will now live with his handler, Officer Felicia Figol, and the department will continue researching for a new police K-9.

  • Newtown’s GE Support Team Updates Selectmen On Progress

    From establishing a municipal recovery portal to providing local ticket distribution logistics for special Yankee and Red Sox games dedicated to Newtown, a trio of loaned executives from GE Capital took on a slew of assignments too intensive for local officials to appropriately handle with skill and efficiency. Arriving in early March to help with added post-12/14 responsibilities, Anne Alzapiedi, Newtown resident Tom Kelleher, and Elizabeth Rallo updated the Board of Selectmen June 3 on how they individually and collectively accomplished a variety of tasks and assignments during their first three months in town.

  • Special Olympics Torch Run Cancelled

    Due to today’s inclement weather, the local leg of the Connecticut Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run has been cancelled. State police will still gather tonight for a final lap at Southern Connecticut State University for Opening Ceremonies for this year's SOCT Summer Games.

  • Superintendent Asked To Prepare Budget Plan That Includes FDK

    The Board of Education has directed Acting Superintendent of Schools John Reed to develop an example of what the 2013-14 school budget would look like with the inclusion of full-day kindergarten, and report back to the school board before either its June 18 or July 16 meetings.Following the school district’s proposed 2013-14 budget winning approval in a referendum on Tuesday, June 4, Dr Reed told The Bee he was looking at as much as a half-million dollar shortfall, which would have to be found somewhere in the approved $71,045,304 request in order to consider implementing full-day kindergarten in September.Dr Reed told the school board at its meeting on Thursday, June 6, that to consider implementing full-day kindergarten for the 2013-14 school year, would mean not including any of the proposed new positions in the budget, with the exception of security positions and those associated with full-day kindergarten...