• Interfaith Vigil Marks Six Month Anniversary Of Sandy Hook Tragedy

    Representatives from nearly a dozen different local religious communities on the  evening of Friday, June 14, told a standing-room audience of about 400 people at the Newtown Congregational Church that spiritual healing is occurring, albeit sometimes slowly, among community members in the aftermath of the tragic events of December 14. The clergy members spoke to those gathered in the church sanctuary on the six-month anniversary of 12/14, commemorating the deaths of 20 first-graders and six educators at Sandy Hook School at the hands of a rampaging gunman. The service initially had been scheduled for an outdoor site at Fairfield Hills, but was relocated to the church at 14 West Street in view of possible inclement weather.

  • Today In Newtown: The Six-Month Anniversary

    A few special events have been organized in Newtown for today, the six-month anniversary of 12/14. Following is a brief encapsulation of what is occurring in town. There will be a moment of silence followed by a press conference at Edmond Town Hall this morning, the ringing of church bells at 9:30, and a community-wide gathering this evening at Fairfield Hills. Other events have been planned at houses of worship, many of which will have their sanctuaries open for quiet prayer and reflection.

  • Governor Malloy Announces Funding For Design Of New Sandy Hook Elementary School

    Governor Dannel P Malloy has announced that an allocation of $750,000 towards the design of a new building for Sandy Hook Elementary School is slated for approval at next week’s meeting of the State Bond Commission. Governor Malloy explained that this funding is being made available now to help the project, which is still in its early stages, begin moving forward as quickly as possible. Earlier this month, the Connecticut General Assembly approved legislation authorizing a separate allocation of up to $50 million in bonding for the school's construction. That funding will be taken up for final consideration by members of the State Bond Commission in the coming months, as the project progresses and its needs are assessed. All funding will be issued on an expedited basis.

  • From Newtown, Mayors Against Illegal Guns Pushes For Increased Gun Control

    On the morning of Friday, June 14, which was the six-month anniversary of 12/14, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) staged a well-attended rally on the plaza in front of Edmond Town Hall to stress the group’s drive for increased gun control to reduce the violence in society. Several hundred people attended the event, many of whom were from the press doing coverage of Newtown in the aftermath of 12/14. Just before the MAIG rally started, at 9:30 am church bells could be heard tolling in the distance in remembrance of those killed on 12/14.

  • The Newtown Bee's Buzzcast From June 14

    This is The Newtown Bee's Buzzcast for the edition dated June 14, 2013. The Buzzcast is a podcast roundup of top news from each edition of The Newtown Bee. Tune in weekly.

  • Pausing To Reflect Six Months After 12/14

    The six month anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be marked on Friday with private and public events. The Newtown Interfaith Clergy Association has an event planned for Friday night at Fairfield Hills, where residents and visitors of all ages are invited to gather at the soccer fields at 7:30. Some houses of worship will also have their sanctuaries open for quiet prayer and reflection on Friday, and a few will be ringing their bells at 9:30 am, “in memory of those who have been lost and in the hope that a way of peace and compassion is within our reach," according to the Reverend Matthew Crebbin of Newtown Congregational Church.

  • Remembrance Inspires A Call To Action

    Family members of those killed 12/14, along with elected officials, faith leaders, and other community members, will join together in a day of remembrance and a call to action on Friday, June 14. They will gather at Edmond Town Hall to read the names of victims of gun violence and urge their representatives in Congress to support legislation that would require comprehensive background checks. The event will also serve as the kick-off for a 100-day bus tour by Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

  • Responders, Neighbors, Clergy, Civic Leaders In 10 States 'Stand With Newtown' June 14

    Gun violence survivors, faith leaders, veterans, gun-owners and concerned citizens will join together in a day of remembrance and a call to action at events in 10 states June 14 to commemorate the six-month anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook School. Attendees will ask senators to "take a second look" at their votes against background check legislation and call on House members to co-sponsor bipartisan background check legislation by Reps. Mike Thompson and Pete King.

  • Sandy Hook School 'Preconstruction Services' Detailed In Proposal

    According to Newtown officials close to the project, many of Connecticut’s larger communities have personnel in-house who can handle the necessary preparation for a major construction job like the one ramping up for the new Sandy Hook School.But with Newtown’s appointed and volunteer Public Building & Site Commission (PBSC) ...

  • Finance Board Hears About Pending Grants, Reviews Possible Town Costs

    The Board of Finance heard a detailed presentation from Finance Director Robert Tait on June 10 about the various pending grants a the town is applying for, or has applied for to offset taxpayer expenses related to school security and related measures in the wake of 12/14. Mr Tait reviewed the documentation ahead of the meeting, beginning with the School Emergency Response to Violence or SERV grant.