• Bronx Woman Charged With Fraud, Pleads Not Guilty In Post-12/14 Scam

    New York City prosecutors say a woman has been charged with fraud for posing as the aunt of a Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victim and soliciting donations. The Associated Press is reporting that Nouel Alba was indicted May 14 on identity theft and fraud charges in the Bronx. Prosecutors say she pretended to be the aunt of a 6-year old killed on 12/14.

  • At Last Check, Voter Turnout Beginning To Mirror First Budget Referendum

    Local registrars reported budget voting turnout continued at virtually the same pace as the referendum that took place two weeks ago. According to poll officials 3,487 ballots were logged by 6 pm May 14, 66 more than at the same time on April 23. Residents are being asked to vote on a Legislative Council-endorsed second round budget request with a combined $900,000 reduction, making the new school district request $71,345,304 and the municipal request $38,904,521. The municipal side of the budget includes all previously committed debt service costs for all town and school capital projects equaling $10,058,924.

  • Boston Mayor Thanks Newtown For Banner Of Support

    Boston Mayor Thomas Menino sent a heartfelt letter of thanks to Newtown for a banner of support that was recently sent to the city signed by dozens of Newtown officials, responders, town workers and residents. The banner, which was sent to Boston shortly after the marathon bombing on April 15, offered a symbol of solidarity between two New England locations rocked by violence in the past months...

  • Kitten Associates Announces The Passing Of A Healing Feline

    Kitten Associates, a home foster-based cat rescue group located in Sandy Hook, announced this week that one of the kittens who helped heal residents following 12/14 through its established “Kitties For Kids” program, has passed away. Fred, an orange tabby and white domestic short-haired 10-month old kitten, was the star of the Kitties for Kids program, according to Kitten Associates, and he died due to complications stemming from a fatal illness called Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

  • Taxpayers Urged To Visit With Llodra, Officials Ahead Of Budget Vote

    First Selectman Pat Llodra and various officials from the Boards of Education and Finance and the Legislative Council will be available to hear from and respond to taxpayer questions during the final two

  • State Voting Changes Go To Referendum In 2014

    The Senate voted along party lines Wednesday night to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2014 that could open the door to early voting in Connecticut in time for the 2016 presidential election. If approved by voters, the General Assembly would have the flexibility to consider a number of election changes that are now precluded by Connecticut’s unusual constitutional restrictions on the use of absentee ballots. The 22-14 vote was the last legislative step in a process that required the House and Senate to approve a constitutional referendum question twice in consecutive years in order for voters to now have their say. “Today marks a historic and significant step forward for modernizing elections in Connecticut so we can finally enact early voting in our state,” Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said.

  • The Sandy Hook Christmas Tree Will Remain Standing

    The Sandy Hook Christmas tree will remain standing, following an eight-person unanimous vote by the executive board of The Newtown Forest Association (NFA) Thursday night. The board of the NFA, which owns the property where the tree grows, met May 9, and “reaffirmed a tentative decision” made in prior weeks to keep the tree up for an undetermined amount of time, said NFA President Robert Eckenrode. The evergreen decorated annually for the holidays is outgrowing its spot on The Glen — a small NFA property at the intersection of Church Hill Road, Glen Road, and Washington Avenue.

  • Sandy Hook School Task Force To Recommend Building Of New School On Site Of Current Sandy Hook School

    With united voices, the 26 members of the Sandy Hook School Task Force voted Friday night to recommend to the Board of Education that a new school be built at 12 Riverside Road, where the current Sandy Hook Elementary School now stands.

  • Acting Superintendent Reed Addressing Myriad Issues During Transition

    Around 3:30 pm on Monday, May 6, John Reed’s first day in the office and on the job as acting school superintendent, he sat back in his chair, peeled a banana and took a bite, chuckling over a question about whether the snack represented breakfast.But in two separate conversations with The Bee this week, it became evidently clear that Dr Reed is prioritizing a lot of things above and beyond missing an occasional meal.In the space of just a few seconds, he ticks off a list of issues — “opportunities” as he prefers to describe them. Those challenges include fast-tracking contacts and interviews with potential school administrative candidates he is considering to fill seven administrative vacancies...

  • Forest Association To Discuss Replacement Of Sandy Hook Christmas Tree

    The future of Sandy Hook’s iconic Christmas tree will be the topic of discussion Thursday evening, May 9, as the Newtown Forest Association (NFA) board members determine an appropriate time to take it down, said NFA President Bob Eckenrode.Caught in the middle of a debate, the evergreen at The Glen, an NFA property beside Sabrina Style, may or may not come down this year prior to the traditional December holiday celebration.