• Brookfield Man Implored Police To Consider 'Gas Pipeline Syndrome' In Lanza Investigation

    Among the more than 7,000 images, audio files, videos and documents released by the Connecticut State Police last Friday, is a nondescript subfile marked "0030290." It contains three multi-page documents that have received little or no attention compared to reams of investigatory data from the 12/14 crime scenes, incident responders, witness testimonies, and about the shooter himself. The "0030290" file contains a letter from Brookfield resident Steve Kohlhase, sent to State Police investigators about six weeks after the shooting, reflecting his conviction that a low frequency audio phenomenon he believes is generated by a nearby high volume gas pipeline, could have had something to do with the behavior the shooter was exhibiting in the months, days and hours leading up to that devastating event.

  • Lyddy Reflects On His Role With Sandy Hook Advisory Commission

    With the end of 2013, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission is stepping back momentarily to regroup and refocus its efforts, according to member and former Newtown state representative Christopher Lyddy, who sits on the panel. The panel met for the final time this year on December 20 to review details from the recently released state prosecutor’s report on the events of 12/14. The commissioners adjourned that meeting after calling for more information about shooter Adam Lanza’s mental state, and what level of access he had to treatment, before any substantial recommendations concerning mental health policy can be tendered. Mr Lyddy said members are regrouping "to really refocus on what we've learned ... [are] in the process of dialoguing about priorities, and what the charge is in terms of what kind of report or recommendations we out to make." The commission, he continued, is at a point where its members are starting to sift through information "to decide what kind of recommendations are on the table."

  • State Police Report Concluding 12/14 Investigation Expected This Afternoon

    Connecticut State Police have notified the media that an exhaustive report of "several thousand pages" concerning the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be released electronically at 3 pm Friday, December 27. A notice from Lt. J. Paul Vance states the report will be redacted according to law, but he also indicated it contains text, photos and 911 calls received by the State Police on 12/14. The release of the 7,000-plus page report indicates that the State Police investigation is officially closed. According to one source, the school district notified staff Thursday that the report was expected to be published.

  • Early Morning Crash Temporarily Closes Route 6 In Hawleyville; Lengthy Extrication Required

    Newtown Police are investigating a tractor trailer versus car crash that occurred at approximately 6:20 am on Friday morning, December 27 near the busy intersection of Mount Pleasant and Sawmill Roads. Hawleyville Fire and Rescue Chief John Basso, who handled command supervision at the scene, credited more than 20 volunteers from his department and Hook & Ladder for responding quickly to the scene. Utilizing heavy equipment from Hook & Ladder's Rescue apparatus, firefighters conducted a complex extrication of the single occupant of the car that was involved. "We had to basically take the car apart around the driver," Chief Basso said.

  • Medal of Honor Society Honored SHES Educators

    An organization composed of Medal of Honor recipients traveled to Newtown on December 23 to honor the six educators killed on 12/14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society said it chose Rachel D’Avino,Hochsprung, Anne Marie Murphy, Lauren Rousseau, Mary Sherlach and Victoria Soto to receive its Citizen Honors Medal, the highest award it gives to a civilian, after receiving dozens of nominations for their actions during the shooting. The organization also planned to honor every other member of the school’s staff with a Certificate of Commendation.

  • Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings CSP Reports Released

    An exhaustive body of reporting by the Connecticut State Police (CSP) resulting from investigations following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, was released by the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) shortly after 3 pm December 27. The collection of data includes approximately 7,000 pages of written reports, as well as photographs, video recordings, and audio recordings. Tens of thousands of hours were spent by investigators from across the country, tracking down leads, processing evidence, and "doing everything within their collective ability to provide answers for the questions that remained in the wake of the terror of that morning," DESPP Commissioner Reuben F. Bradford wrote in a letter that accompanied the reports.

  • Police Reports | December 16 - 22, 2013

    Toyota vs Chevy Police report a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Queen Street and Church Hill Road about 9:15 am on December 16. The accident involved motorist Michael Stoltz, 42, of 23 Cha...

  • Fire Reports | December 19 - 25, 2013

    The dispatchers at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center at 3 Main Street report the following fire calls and the responders: Thursday, December 19: 10:57 am, fluid spill, near 107 Toddy Hill Road, Sandy Hook and Botsford responded; ...

  • CSP Holiday Enforcement Figures Announced

    Connecticut State Police (CSP) have released their holiday enforcement figures for December 23-26. Connecticut State Troopers supplemented the normal patrol force with additional State Troopers over the Christmas Holiday weekend. Troopers patrolled all roads and highways across Connecticut and focused on drunk driving violations and targeted aggressive drivers. Sobriety checkpoints and targeted DUI patrols were in place over the entire weekend. State Police will continue this preventive enforcement effort until the end of the holiday season.

  • Comfort Sent To Newtown Finds Its Way To Many Communities

    Following 12/14, when people worldwide offered solace to the community in the forms of stuffed animals, comfort pillows, and quilts, Newtown was left with a surplus of lovingly donated items. In March 2013, America Responds With Love, Inc, a national nonprofit organization, offered its assistance to help the Town of Newtown. In particular, America Responds With Love offered to help find homes for products donated, but that were not needed within Newtown or neighboring communities. Richard McDonough, president and CEO of the organization, recently provided The Newtown Bee with an update, summarizing how the thousands of items have been distributed to date.