Date: Fri 17-Jan-1997

Date: Fri 17-Jan-1997

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with cuts: St Rose Geographers Cover The Territory


What is the name of the plant from which paper was made in ancient


What's a large piece of ice called that breaks off from a glacier?

Is "Masa Bread" made with corn flour or wheat flour?

When the sun shines directly down over the Tropic of Cancer, is it summer or

winter in the northern hemisphere?

Which land-locked country in South America is one of the world's leading

producers of tin?

What product do the OPEC countries export?

In what continent did a 1990 law prohibit mining for 50 years?

The National Geographic Society made up the questions and the St Rose

geographers were up to the challenge, as teacher Renea Soderquist drilled her

students in a special "geography bee" that was held Thursday, January 9.

There were many more right answers than wrong ones as 13 students from grades

five through eight competed to see who would go on to participate in the state


"They've been practicing for weeks during lunch hour and recess, so they're

ready," Ms Soderquist said ahead of time.

But not all the students who originally showed interest in the Geography Bee,

decided to stick with the practice sessions, said eighth grade contestant

Chris Dannen.

"At first everyone was going to enter. Then some dropped out," Chris said.

Although he didn't win, Chris said he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He answered

confidently when it was his turn and he knew which one of the multiple choice

answers was the right one. When he wasn't sure, he shrugged and tried anyway.

"Why do I always know the answer to everyone else's question!" Chris moaned in


Amy Doyle admitted that in spite of her preparation for the bee, she was

nervous while it was going on.

"I did better - and worse - than I thought I would," Amy said.

The bee was conducted in two rounds, with the fifth graders competing first

and the winner of that round going on to compete in the older group of sixth

through eighth graders.

It turned out that Megan Heithaus, a fifth grader who never missed a question,

won the day.

Megan will next take a written exam to compete at the state level and then, if

she wins, she could travel to Washington, DC, for the finals.

Students who participated in the Grade Five division of the Geography Bee

were: Tara Pasquarella, Matthew Kelly, Patti McCarthy, Megan Heithaus, Amy

Doyle, Kileen Barry, Kelli Gardner and Kyle Paynter.

Students participating in the older division were: James Riddle (grade 6),

Gina Gilroy (6), Katie Moity (6), Colin McAllister (7) and Chris Dannen (8).

Answers to the above Geography Bee questions are, in order: papyrus, iceberg,

corn flour, summer, Bolivia, oil and Antarctica.