Date: Fri 26-Dec-1997

Date: Fri 26-Dec-1997

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Security Tightened At The Middle School


Newtown Middle School has beefed up security following two incidents where an

unidentified stranger was seen in and around the A-wing locker rooms.

Neither incident involved any strange behavior by the individual or

individuals, so school officials are cautious about blowing the issue out of

proportion. Nevertheless, principal Les Weintraub has taken steps to ensure

that any further incidents do not happen.

"We're taking this very serious," he said Monday. "We're taking appropriate


Last week, parents of students from all Newtown schools were sent a letter

from Superintendent of Schools John R. Reed. Its main purpose was to avoid the

spread of rumors throughout town about what actually happened. As it turns

out, both incidents were very minor.

On one occasion last week, members of the girls' basketball team spotted a man

in the boys' locker room as they stood on the court. Their coach confronted

the person who graciously left, saying he had only come in to use the school's

rest room facilities.

On the second occasion, members of the same team spotted a person, but this

time the coach found no one.

Both incidents occurred after school, around 4 pm. The Newtown Police are

investigating the sightings. Last month, a student reported being accosted by

an adult male in another area of the building. The student left the area and

reported the incident.

The description of the adult sighted this week is a white male, approximately

5'8", medium build, dark blonde hair, with a mustache and/or goatee. The

police said this description differs significantly from the one given for the

incident in November.

Since these incidents, most school doors have been locked and a security guard

has been brought in to watch the building after school.