Date: Fri 18-Sep-1998

Date: Fri 18-Sep-1998

Publication: Bee

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I was flipping through the channels on TV this week and suddenly saw Rich

Rauner on a health spot telling viewers about why a medicine cabinet is the

last place you should store medicine.

The public service announcement, produced by Med Source, was made at Temple

University Hospital in Philadelphia, where Rich has been hospitalized since

May 4 waiting for a heart transplant.

"Rich Rauner is waiting for a new heart," the unseen narrator says in the

commercial. "For now, intravenous medicine keeps him alive. But after the

transplant, he will have to take 60 pills a day. Rich is learning how critical

proper storage is."

Rich, looking rather dapper with the beard and mustache he has grown since he

left Newtown for the transplant center, says he realizes how important these

pills will be after his transplant. "If the drugs are not good or go bad, I

could very easily lose my new heart," he said.

After information about how to properly store drugs -- high on a closet shelf,

away from heat, light, humidity, cleaning supplies, pet medicines and children

-- the commercial goes on to say that drugs should always be kept in their

original containers to keep dosage instructions handy and reduce the chance

you'll confuse one medicine with another -- a real possibility if you're

taking 60 pills a day.

But Rich says he's ready to deal with the post-transplant regime.

"I feel very prepared and very comfortable with the idea that it's not going

to go on long, and I'm going to be able to know what I need to know in order

to get my life on its way," he said as the commercial ended.

Wednesday was a festive day for town employees over at Canaan House. Both Lisa

Pollard in the Building Department and Deborah Mesinger in the Parks &

Recreation Department celebrated birthdays. Neither agreed to give out their


Bob Grossman celebrated his birthday (he didn't say which one) with a lobster

dinner in Nantucket on September 11. His children will be taking him out, too,

when he gets back to Newtown this week.

Newtown residents have an opportunity to be a part of history Friday night,

September 18, by attending Newtown High's football game against Bunnell of

Stratford. The season-opening contest is believed to be the first night

football game in town history. Bruce Jenner Stadium is expected to be packed

for the 7 pm event so be sure to arrive early.

The Legislative Council canceled its regularly scheduled meeting this week,

the third-straight time it has done so since last meeting in early August.

"We've just decided to give up," joked longtime council member Melissa


Jan Andras has been busy this week. In addition to her normal duties in the

first selectman's office, she is also spending her mornings down at the

highway department. She filling in for Marian Mead who is out on medical


"All I've been doing down there is paying bills," Jan said.

Newtown High School graduate Scott Terrill is reportedly doing fine after

suffering a broken nose during Sunday's softball playoff action at Dickinson

Park. Scott, who graduated in 1989, was about to make a catch in front of the

left-field fence when the fence collapsed.

The state Department of Correction (DOT), which runs the high-security Garner

Correctional Institution on Nunnawauk Road, has won a national award for

having the best-dressed correction officers. DOC correction officers wear a

spiffy dark blue basic duty uniform that has pant legs tucked into high black

boots. Since it was first worn in the spring of 1997, the new uniform has

proven more durable, versatile and professional-looking than the previous

uniform, according to DOC. The DOC received the award from the National

Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors.

Treadwell Park, which had been a hotbed of activity throughout July and August

because of the swimming pool and day-camp program, was rather deserted this

week now that school is in session. Maybe our local police officers could use

the pool to cool off. With a construction crew putting a new roof on the

police department, the air conditioning system has had to be shut down at Town

Hall South, leaving them sweltering in this hot and humid stretch of weather.

It wouldn't be the end of summer without seeing Al Boyson down in the Ram

Pasture cutting the fading blooms of the purple loosestrife. And it has become

an annual event to watch him get his four-wheel drive truck to pull his

tractor out after it gets mired in the mud, like it was this week. If you get

stuck for something to do next week, don't forget to...

Read me again.