Castle Hill

  • History Unfolded At The Crest Of Castle Hill

    To the Editor:

    I just learned the former Gretsch property, located on the crest of Castle Hill overlooking Newtown’s iconic flagpole, is the focus of a plan to develop more housing.  I also learned there is a group of dedicated people who value this property for its beauty and its historical and environmental significance.  This group, working to preserve Newtown’s Castle Hill, has my support.

  • A Terrible Idea

    To the Editor

    We will admit that we didn’t read the 2/22/13 issue of The Newtown Bee, so we only learned of the cluster housing proposal for Castle Hill last evening. To say the least, our initial reaction was that this is a terrible idea for this land. We have lived on the hill for almost 12 years and know it is a much visited, photographed and beloved area in our town. The development that is proposed here would alter the very face of Newtown forever.

  • Preserve Castle Hill For Public Use

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  • Zoners Should Reject Castle Hill Cluster Housing

    To the Editor:

    My name is Brian Trudeau, and I live on Old Castle Drive here in town.

  • Land Trust Hopes To Preserve Parcels In Castle Hill Housing Plan

    A 136-house development proposal in the Borough of Newtown is prompting an effort to preserve two large tracts of scenic land on Castle Hill.

    A preliminary proposal to develop housing clusters at a 66-acre parcel at 20 Castle Hill Road parcel and a 70-acre lot at 60 Castle Hill Road, owned by the Bridgeport Roman Catholic Diocesan Corporation, had caught the Newtown Forest Association (NFA) members’ immediate attention. The NFA is a private land trust.

  • Castle Hill Housing Plan Is Out Of Character For Newtown

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  • Find Another Use For Castle Hill Property

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  • Preserving The Intangibles

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  • Cluster Housing Complex Proposed For Castle Hill

    A local development firm is seeking preliminary approvals for the construction of a cluster housing complex that would be the largest newly proposed residential project in more than a decade.

    According to documents filed with the town public works department, GLT Development Corporation is seeking preliminary approvals from the Water & Sewer Authority (WSA) to provide sanitary sewer service for the proposed 136-house project in the borough.