• The Level Of Gun Violence In The US Is Unacceptable

    To the Editor:

  • Malloy Lays Back On Guns, For Now

    Gov. Dannel P. Malloy seems to be following the unlikely example of Goldilocks in dealing with the legislature on gun-control after Sandy Hook. He is looking for an approach that is just right after first being too soft, then too hard.

    He wants the legislature to pass a strict ban on the sale and possession of large-capacity magazines, like the ones Adam Lanza used to kill 20 first graders and six educators. But he won't say if its absence would be a deal breaker, an invitation to a veto.

  • A Prescription For Death

    To the Editor:

    The present gun control changes before Congress to prevent gun violence do not include assault weapons and other items vital to stop senseless gun violence. The reasons vary. I have spoken to a local person who is also opposed to any gun control. Apparently, this person would rather continue to see the slaughter in our streets, our classrooms, and in our homes. No tragedy, however troubling, can persuade them to give up their guns.

  • Degrees Of Responsibility

    To the Editor:

  • NSSF Response Predictable And Discouraging

    To the Editor:

    On March 13, Newtown resident Barbara Richardson wrote a public letter to National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) president Steve Sanetti, imploring him to  “accept responsible limitations on [gun owners’] freedoms in the interest of the greater public good.”

  • Financial Collapse?

    To the Editor:

    With the pending descent into anarchy here in the US, per Mr Barzetti’s letter in the 3/22 Bee [“Financial Collapse Is Near”], I would suggest he take his money from under the mattress and move to a country that is more politically and economically stable.

  • Letter To The Editor Brings Fame To Sandy Hook Resident

    Some writers devote a lifetime to creating the perfect opus, agonizing over every word, crafting each phrase, and breathing life into characters. Yet that pinnacle of achievement remains elusive. Then there are others, like Brendan Duffy, who are catapulted to fame doing what Mr Duffy said anybody could have done: he wrote a letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper, The Newtown Bee.

  • CAGV Agenda Is Counterproductive

    To the Editor:

    To CAGV (Connecticut against Gun Violence) in response to your recent radio advertisement.

    The existence of an organization dedicated to infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms is testament to the intelligence and necessity of the Second Amendment. You should try reading it! It ensures your freedom of speech among other things.

    Furthermore, advertising in this manner perpetuates grief among survivors and invites copy cats. Accessories?

  • Definition Clarification

     To the Editor:

    Over the years, anti-Second Amendment activists and proponents of strict gun control have come up with some silly, misleading sound bites aimed at the emotions of the misinformed: “cop killer bullets,” “Saturday night specials,” “dangerous assault weapons.”

  • Legislators Have Led Us To A Perilous Crossroads

    To the Editor:

    After decades of mismanagement, many legislators (national, state and municipal) have forced us down the perilous road to governmental and economic chaos.