Malloy: Preliminary 12/14 Details To Be Released By March 29

Following the release of confidential 12/14 investigation material after a New Orleans law enforcement symposium session featuring a Connecticut State Police official, Governor Dannel Malloy announced that some preliminary information regarding the case will be released on or before March 29.

The notice, released just before 2 pm Thursday shortly after The Bee print edition went to press, points to the governor’s frustration over the leak that was first reported in the New York Daily News. The information was shared during a recent police symposium by an unidentified participant, presumably a current or former police official.

“Like many others, I was disappointed and angered to learn that certain information about the Newtown shooting had been leaked, specifically with concern for the victims’ families who may have been hearing this news for the first time,” Gov Malloy stated. “Today, my office contacted the Chief State’s Attorney. I requested, and they have agreed, to release additional information relevant to the investigation and to provide a status on where the investigation currently stands. This information will be provided by Friday, March 29.”

The governor said the scope and extent of the preliminary details will be “left to the State’s Attorney and other law enforcement.”

“As a former prosecutor, I’m sensitive to the need for an independent investigation and believe that we must allow their work to continue without any undue interference,” Gov Malloy said. “Having said all that, I will also say that I am bewildered by the demands of [Representative Lawrence] Cafero and others for a special briefing they claim is necessary in order for them to take a firm position on potential legislative responses to this horrific tragedy.”

The governor was referring to a previous call by the House Minority Leader who said lawmakers have asked several times without success for information from state police investigators that would help them as they craft a legislative response to the massacre that addresses gun violence, school security, and mental health.

Rep Cafero called it ‘‘really galling’’ to read an account in the press of comments Colonel Daniel Stebbins made to ‘‘strangers to our state’’ about evidence in the case. The column by Mike Lupica said Col Stebbins discussed evidence that suggested the Newtown gunman, Adam Lanza, studied other mass slayings and dedicated extensive planning to the massacre.

‘‘[Stebbins] has an immediate duty to explain himself, directly, especially to us, the legislature and its legislative leaders, who he must know by every news account are breaking their backs trying to come to a resolution on the very issues surrounding the incident which he has this information about,’’ Rep Cafero said.

After the column was published, state police spokesman Lieutenant J. Paul Vance issued a statement saying the seminar was designed for law enforcement professionals only and sensitive information dealing with the tactical approaches used by first responders to the Sandy Hook shootings was discussed.

(Associated Press content was included in this report.)

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Sensitive Information

Gee, it sure worked out well presenting this "sensitive information" to "law enforcement professionals only" at an open seminar. One of them, (un-named according to the Daily News) spilled the beans right away.

You have a dog in this fight?

You have a dog in this fight? There is no fight, only 26 grieving families and a community that is choosing to surround them with love.

Mary Ann

There are many patriotic Americans, including myself, who see our Constitution as a sacred document. Our freedoms have come at a huge cost, and battlefield cemeteries are filled with soldiers who have given their lives, not only here at home, but around the globe, to preserve and defend this document, and the spirit of freedom it represents. The world looks to us to stand against the forces of tyranny. Your community may be focused on "love," but the victim's families' vociferous demand for gun control is blaring from every funereal pulpit, news interview and fundraising Facebook page. Many states are rushing to enact new legislation - as a reaction 12/14.

Not a fight? How can it be otherwise?

Releasing Information

Never in the history of this country, has an event caused so much governmental distrust, confusion, and polarization. It is imperative that officials calm these waters with a transparent investigation, and release the details as they emerge, because they are already shaping public policy. The parent's suffering cannot be lessoned, only exacerbated by an unnecessarily long, drawn out investigative process, vilifying them in the process, as the public begins to question every element of the events of 12/14. Green screens, crying Rosen, laughing Parker, brazenly egregious fundraising, constantly changing weapon info, weird photo-shopped portrait of killer, possible additional suspects, protect witnesses who are cooperating with the investigation. How can anyone know what to believe after so much contradictory information.

Anyone who thinks they can control information regarding such a high profile tragedy is mistaken, and will only look foolish in their red faced attempts. As Americans, we all have a dog in this fight, and need to know what happened.

A gentle Reminder

Please do not take offense, perhaps you are too young to remember, but there was another investigation that caused distrust, confusion and polarization. It was called the Warren Commission and dealt with the murder of a President by person or persons unknown.

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