Letters to the Editor

  • Newtown’s Super Power

    To the Editor: I moved with my family to Newtown in July of 2012, and enrolled both of my children in Hawley School.  We found a ready home there and in our neighborhood in Sandy Hook. My older son, a fourth grader who, because of difficulties in difficulties in finding a suitable elementary school in our previous South Carolina city, had attended three other elementary schools, knew that he was home when he came to Hawley. There has not been one day since we moved here that we have not been grateful to be in Newtown.

  • Don’t Close Historic Hawley School

    To the Editor: Closing any school in Newtown, especially the historic Hawley Elementary School, is not a good idea. Hawley turns 100 years old in six years and was one of the six gifts given to the town of Newtown by Elizabeth Hawley. Not many towns have history like that. We need to keep and preserve this historical resource and not let it fall into decay like the buildings at Fairfield Hills.

  • Trucks Deliver A Successful Fundraiser

    To the Editor: On June 6, Merryhill Child Care Center, Inc held a Touch-A-Truck event at the Newtown Youth Academy as part of our on-going 25th anniversary celebration. It was a great pleasure to see children and adults of all ages enjoying the spectacular Not many towns have history like that. We need to keep and preserve this historical resource and not let it fall into decay like the buildings at Fairfield Hills.

  • Don’t Rush Into A Decision On Hawley School

    To the Editor: I'm not from Newtown. In fact I grew up over 3,000 miles away in London, England. However, over the last 13 years Newtown has become my home town, due in large part to the school communities that have warmly welcomed our family.

  • What Closing Hawley School Will Say About Newtown

    To the Editor: In January, 2014, our family moved to Newtown. The timing, we thought, was right. By the winter of 2013 we were outgrowing our modest starter home, and facing the prospects of sending our two bright and growing children into a school system that was consolidating schools, and we felt going forward wouldn’t bring out their full potential – it was time to move.

  • Closing Hawley Will Affect Us All

    To the Editor: The possible closing of Hawley Elementary School will affect us all!  As a local Newtown business owner for 15 years and now finally a resident of Newtown, I was ecstatic about entering my three young children into the Hawley Elementary School this fall, in 2017 and then again in 2018. With the threat of it closing, I am deeply saddened and fearful for my community.

  • Close No Schools: Heal and Grow Newtown

    To the Editor: If you were fortunate enough to be on Church Hill Road Wednesday morning, you might have seen the best illustration of why we need Hawley School in the center of our town: 50 kindergartners joyously marched along the sidewalk from Hawley to Big Y on an annual field trip that has become one of the beloved traditions of the school. It was beautiful. It was educational. It was community. It was a visible sign of the heart of Newtown.

  • Heed The Voice Of The Community On Hawley’s Future

    To the Editor: We are writing to express our strong opposition to the recommendation of closing Hawley Elementary School and our deep concerns as members of the Newtown community.

  • Ranger’s Renaissance

    To the Editor: We are writing to express our profound thanks to the wonderful people at Newtown Animal Control for helping match us with Ranger, our new, two-year-old dog we adopted earlier this month.

  • It’s A Newtown Thing

    To the Editor: As a single mother who rushes home to make dinner for my kids, the first thing I do when I get in the door is to change into my favorite jogging pants that I have owned forever. They have the word Newtown running down the leg.