Letters to the Editor

  • Choosing Love, But Not Politics

    To the Editor: By now, you are all familiar with the green and white “We Are Sandy Hook – We Choose Love” signs that hang in homes and shop windows all over our area. This initiative was started as an expression of pride in our community and in our determination to provide support to one another in times of crisis. Unfortunately, an unknown individual has been distributing signs that closely copy our design, but state “We Are Newtown – We Choose Freedom,” and list the name of a firearms-related organization. The organization’s name does not appear in internet searches.

  • Two Choices For The Library Board

    To the Editor: Of the changes Newtown's new library director has instituted, one is especially catastrophic and should be reversed immediately. Driving Andrea Zimmerman out of the library was worse than a cruel attack on a beloved member of the institution. For as hurtful as it must be for her, it is a terrible loss for Newtown.

  • Steps Toward Understanding The Library

    To the Editor: Step onto several of the walkways leading in and out of the Booth Library and you will notice it is lined with bricks. Etched into the bricks are names. Mostly, they are Newtown names – of individuals, of couples and of families, who throughout the years have demonstrated their devotion to the library that welcomed them and which their dedication and donations helped to build. Those bricks are also symbols of that welcoming tradition; pathways to the warm, inviting place of learning and discovery the library became. Sadly, all of that is threatened by the turmoil in which the library is now engulfed.

  • An Extraordinary Woman Doing Extraordinary Work

    To the Editor: It is a pleasure to announce that the borough, and town folks of Newtown will honor Joan Glover Crick, an extraordinary woman who has done extraordinary work for our community. Cocktail, hors d’oeuvres and the ceremony is this Sunday, September 15, 2013, from 2 – 5 pm at The Inn at Newtown, Proud Mary’s. Please join us, one and all!

  • Many Made Regional Tourney A Success

    To the Editor: Newtown hosted the 15-year-old Babe Ruth New England Regional this past summer at Fairfield Hills. Newtown Babe Ruth would like to thank all of the sponsors for their contributions in making the tournament a success.

  • Camp Bow-Wow and Newtown

    To the Editor: In the month of August, the Sandy Hook Promise organized a visit by staff members and Therapy Dogs from the Colorado-based Camp Bow Wow. This organization, which specializes in training therapy and comfort dogs, contacted us and volunteered helping our town deal with the aftermath of December 2012.

  • A Season To Remember

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Newtown Renegades, thank you [to the Newtown community] all for your tremendous support of our journey that began at the District 5 tournament in Southbury and ended at the Cal Ripken 10U World Series in Ocala, Florida. Your overwhelming generosity and heartfelt good wishes inspired us all – coaches, players, brothers, sisters, parents, families and fans.

  • A Slur That We Cannot Let Stand

    To the Editor Because of my deep Southern heritage, and knowing the significance behind the term “a Jim Crow,” I was shaking in anger upon reading Bill Stevens’ letter [“Jim Crow Comes To Newtown,” Letter Hive, 8/30/13] regarding our town. And I was going to sit back and let his choice of words speak for themselves; I was going to let him call us a slur name and walk away…let his attempt at bullying and intimidation speak for itself. But I cannot sit aside and let that happen, because that is exactly what he wants, and Mr Stevens crossed the line of civility.

  • Many Made The Road Race Successful

    To the Editor: On behalf of the race organizers, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the eighth annual Newtown Road Race 5K. We had the largest-ever field of 687 registered runners in this year’s 5K and more than 130 smiling children participate in the kids fun run. This race would not be possible without the financial support of our sponsors and our incredibly hard working volunteers. All proceeds of the race benefit Newtown Youth and Family Services.

  • Librarians Make The Library

    To the Editor: Books don’t make the library—librarians make the library! Newtown is incredibly lucky to have unusually dedicated, knowledgeable librarians who are willing and able to answer all kinds of questions, find just the right book for the right occasion, and take special care of the people they serve. With a smile!