Letters to the Editor

  • Funding On Foot

    To the Editor: I’d like to extend my thanks to my fellow Sandy Hook Sole Sisters – Avon Walk for Breast Cancer – NYC team and everyone who helped us! Last week, 18 of your friends and neighbors joined another 50 women from Rye, NY. Together, we laced up our sneakers and donned high-tech “anti-blister” socks and spent two days walking to help fund breast cancer research, awareness and support. Many of you furthered our efforts by helping with or attending fundraising events or donating to our personal or team funds to raise the required $1,800 per participant. In total, the NYC event raised over $6 million!

  • Why Should You Vote For Me?

    To the Editor: On November 5th, the residents of Newtown will be casting their ballot for the municipal election. As a candidate for town clerk, I have the experience and certification needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of this very important position.

  • Where There’s Smoke… There’s Good Samaritans

    To the Editor: On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, at about 9 am, I was working on some town matters in my den when I heard the Hook and Ladder sirens, a few seconds later I smelled smoke and thought, “that fire must be pretty close.” I walked out the side door and I noticed a Park and Rec truck parked across the street at the Newtown Inn. He was motioning to me and pointing towards the front of my house. I went around the corner and there was another green shirted Park and Rec worker beating down flames with a blanket/coat – still not sure what. Seems the electrician hadn’t installed our Main Street floodlights as low heat, and accumulated leaves had ignited, the next thing our front bushes were in flames.

  • Election Day Fireworks?

    To the Editor: A little chuckle as we approach Election Day November 5, 2013. It was 408 years ago that a gentleman who was dissatisfied with the current government of England was working to make a change. He was captured as he guarded gunpowder that had been packed in the undercroft to the House of Lords, part of Parliament in London, preparing to blow up the House of Lords.

  • Enforcing Handicapped Parking Compliance

    To the Editor: The response of the Police Commission and the Newtown Police Department to the increase in excessive vehicle speeds in the borough has been clear, and is appreciated. There have been noticeable efforts to reduce the speed of cars and trucks as they travel roads in the high population density areas of Newtown. The noticeable “Speed of Travel” displays, traffic counters, and police presence, all have, and will, go a long way in reducing the excessive speeds that have become all too common place in the borough, and throughout Newtown. Hopefully, there will be an ongoing police presence of some degree. This is a fine example of an appropriate response to an issue that affects the safety of Newtown residents. A Tip of the Hat to the Police Commission and to the Police Department!

  • Community Again Responds To The Library

    To the Editor: The volunteers from the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library held their usual Fall Donation Day event on Sunday October 20th. It was a pleasure to spend the day greeting an endless stream of generous citizens bringing boxes, bags, and car loads of books, records, DVDs, CDs, and puzzles to donate. Books and media may be donated throughout the year during normal library hours as well as at our new donations trailer at the town transfer station. Transfer permits are not required for leaving donations or recycling.

  • A Timely Food Drive

    To the Editor: The F.A.I.TH. Food Pantry would like to thank everyone who donated non-perishable food to the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Company during the Passport to Sandy Hook event. It was a very timely food drive.

  • Guns Don’t Kill People... But Then They Save People?

    To the Editor As a large number of America-loving Americans will tell you....guns don't kill people, people do. These red, white and blue clad patriots... lovers of truly great documents like our country's Constitution... have an undeniable understanding of the force that has taken the lives of so many of our citizens. And that force is irrefutably people. So naturally, when talking about the forces that actually save lives, one would think this same group of fellow Americans will undoubtedly credit the positive side of humanity... those great human beings that dedicate or risk their lives to battle the evils that endanger the innocent. Sadly, that theory seems to be incorrect.

  • Letters Of Endorsement

    Local endorsements for candidates in the 2013 Newtown elections.

  • Frustration And Anger Over Taxes

    To the Editor: I want to thank John Kortze for having organized the Open Forum on senior property taxes on October15 and his observation that there was over 300 residents at the meeting. I believe The Bee reporter who wrote that there were about 100 people must not have not taken the time to actually count heads, as I and others did. The League of Senior Voters as a coalition was started by a number of senior residents from different communities out of frustration and after failed attempts with meetings with top town officials.