Letters to the Editor

  • Decorating Sandy Hook

    To the Editor: On behalf of S.H.O.P. (Sandy Hook Organization for Prosperity) I would like to thank Bill Halstead and his team at Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue for assisting in putting up and maintaining the flags in Sandy Hook Village.

  • A Good Review For The Reviewer

    To the Editor: As Bee theater critic Julie Stern and her husband, Peter, move on to the next phase in their lives, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Julie for all she has done for the cause of local theater. She has not only been a staunch support...

  • Don’t Scale Back Beneficial School Programs

    To the Editor: As a parent and taxpayer, I am disappointed to read Trent Harrison's comments regarding overlapping programs and initiatives in the article "Concerns Aired:  Teachers Offer 'State of The Union'" published Saturday, May 24th.  ...

  • Rooftops, Parking Lots Pose A Threat To Deep Brook

    To the Editor: The division between doing the right thing for one thing and the right thing for another thing gets as confusing as the beginning of this sentence. I worked along with others to establish Al's Trail, a 10.6 mile trail...

  • Classics On The Big Screen

    To the Editor: Kudos to Newtown’s Cultural Arts Commission for the launch of its “Greatest Year of Film” celebration of movies made in 1939. Although I had seen The Wizard of Oz many times on television as a child, and many more ...

  • Great Care For A Venerated Cat

    To the Editor: How do you begin to say thank you for outstanding veterinary care and compassion given to our pets? About 10 years ago, we adopted a cat, Ivy, from Mt. Pleasant Hospital for Animals.  Pregnant at the time, she had been dropped off with ...

  • Is Saving Money More Important Than Public Safety

    To the Editor: Again, we see the emergency dispatch regionalization issue being reviewed.  This time by the Newtown’s Board of Fire Commissioners.  Again I urge all Newtown residents to take notice and let your voices be heard.

  • The Blame-the-Games Game

    To the Editor: Re your Rep. DebraLee Hovey interview last week [“Searching For Legal And Cultural Responses to Violence," 5/23/14, The Newtown Bee] : I applaud Rep. Hovey for voting for SB 1160 on April 4, 2013—all the more so because she voted the will of her district rather than her own conviction as a legislator endorsed by the NRA Victory Fund, with 83 percent ratings from both the NRA and CCS , and as state co-chair of ALEC, the corporate-funded organization that writes model “stand your ground” bills for state legislatures. Perhaps her vote also reflected contrition for her March 2011 commitment to oppose SB 1094, which would have banned the 30-round magazines employed on December 14, 2012.

  • One Sunday In Oz

    To the Editor: Dorothy and Toto greeted us at the door and we even saw a couple of guests who came in costume.  We want to thank the Cultural Arts Commission and the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers for bringing "The Wizard of Oz" to the big screen for us to enjoy.

  • Newtown Doesn’t Measure Up In Education Spending

    To the Editor: In response to the letter written by Legislative Council Chair MaryAnn Jacob, and published on April 25, 2014 [”The Next Steps ...