Letters to the Editor

  • Therapy Dogs Have Passports To Sandy Hook

    To the Editor: The Newtown-Strong Therapy Dogs, a strictly-local group of certified therapy dogs and their handler/owners, are thrilled be among the honored guests of SHOP’s October 12th Passport To Sandy Hook day.

  • Say ‘Thank You’

    To the Editor: The State of Connecticut is giving us a gift – the gift of a new school. What were you taught to do when you receive a gift? You were taught to say, “Thank you.” We can all say “Thank you” by voting “Yes” on October 5.

  • A Second Chance To Get It Right

    To the Editor: When non-profit public-service oriented institutions such as school systems or churches have to find new leaders, it differs from a corporate situation because in addition to maintaining efficiency and financial solvency, the new leader must be able to provide inspirational leadership to both the staff and the community being served by that staff.

  • Passport To Sandy Hook

    To the Editor: Last week I sent an email to friends inviting them to SHOP's Passport to Sandy Hook event. After a few people commented on it, I decided to share that email with all of you – inviting you to an event that truly celebrates our incredible community. A year ago when I sent an email inviting friends to Passport to Sandy Hook, our community was in a different place.

  • Sandy Hook, A Special Place

    To the Editor: Please join me on Saturday, October 12 from 11 am to 4 pm in Sandy Hook Center for the Passport event. Visit all our local businesses and sign up to win one of the fantastic prize packages. Sandy Hook Center has never looked better! The continuation of the new sidewalks and lighting onto Washington Avenue, and the new flower boxes all add to the small town Connecticut feel that makes it such a special place.

  • Genetically Modified Foods Are Safe

    To the Editor: This past June the state of Connecticut passed a genetically modified organism (GMO) labeling bill that would require all food manufacturers to label any food that contained genetically modified or engineered ingredients. Proponents of the bill, led by the grassroots organization GMO Free CT, claim that GM foods are harmful to our health and the environment. However there is currently no scientific evidence that GM foods are dangerous to one’s health. In fact evidence shows that GM foods benefit our health and decrease environmental impacts by improving the nutritional content of food and allowing farmers to use less land and pesticides to grow more crops.

  • Try Thinking With A More Open Mind

    To the Editor: After the shootings on Dec. 14, 2013 happened, our town was left in a state of shock. Too shocked, in my opinion, because it has led people to question, and attempt to ratify, the 2nd Amendment, the glorious document that allows us to keep and bear arms. Our first amendment allows us to speak (and among other things) freely. Unfortunately, some people have felt too afraid to speak in such a manner.

  • Introducing The Newtown League Of Senior Voters

    To the Editor: This new senior coalition of condo and home owners met Tuesday evening at the Senior Center in Sandy Hook in order to discuss their sharp increases in real estate taxes. There were over one hundred and fifty seniors listening and participating in an active discussion which focused on the new valuations and assessments which grouped senior condo owners with owners of waterfront and mc mansions. But there was an additional group of home owners who attended expressing the same concerns. This new coalition of seniors plan to attend the public meetings held by the legislative council and the committee on finance in order to become better informed but also to voice their opinions on issues and future expenditures.

  • A Slap In The Face

    To the Editor: The building committee just told seven residents that they are not a “good fit” for Newtown when they recommended Consigli Construction and not Turner Construction Company to rebuild the Sandy Hook School. There are seven Turner employees living in town with their children in the schools and more in Monroe and Trumbull. My children attended Sandy Hook School until we moved across town in February 2012. To say that we are insulted is putting mildly.

  • A Tornado Of Outrage

    To the Editor, A tornado of outrage has swirled through this town in the wake of the ill-conceived firing of Andrea Zimmerman, one of Newtown’s most highly regarded research librarians. Andrea, to many of us, is a rather special jewel and a great asset to our library as well as to our entire town. It is disgraceful that the current library board has stood meekly by while an overzealous, newly hired director created havoc in this bereaved community. At the very least, every effort should be made to win Andrea Zimmerman back to her position which should include a substantial pay raise and a job description worthy of her abundant talent.