Letters to the Editor

  • The Best Weapon In The Fight Against Cancer

    To the editor: We would like to invite the community to the 4th Annual Fairfield County Pancreatic Cancer Research walk sponsored by the Lustgarten foundation on Sunday, October 5, at the Bethel High school track. The 2.5 mile walk is an event for the whole family and will prove an enjoyable way to heighten awareness while raising critically needed funds for research. Registration begins at 9 am and the walk begins at 10 am.

  • Letter Of Endorsement

    To the Editor: In response to “Anti-Gun Violence Groups To Rally In Stamford,” published online on Monday, September 22, 2014: Why did I make arrangements for a babysitter, cook dinner during the day, and brave rush-hour traffic to hold up a sign in Stamford on last Tuesday? Well, Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, was back in our state to gladhand for gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley. Why does Mr Foley repeatedly choose to keep company with Gov Christie, a person who clearly does not value ordinary citizens’ quality of life (“Bridgegate” being one example)?

  • FAITH Volunteers Are Counting On Generosity Of Passport Guests

    To the Editor, The scarce contents of the FAITH Food Pantry shelves are anxiously awaiting the donations that will come from the 4th Annual Passport to Sandy Hook on Saturday, October 11. The numbers of residents we are helping is growing every month, placing more of a demand on our volunteers to keep the shelves stocked. Drop off your non-perishable items as you pick up your Passport at the fire truck located in the parking lot behind 102 Church Hill Road.

  • Re-Elect No One — No Exceptions

    To the Editor: This is a non-partisan message. Keep this in mind, as we approach mid-term elections for Congress. The incumbents have done nothing, except take care of themselves. Let’s give them a pink slip!

  • The Wrong Strategy

    To the Editor, Obama’s interview on CBS over the weekend did nothing to diminish the threat we face from ISIS. Once again he tried to shift the blame for the short fall of his administration to others. It seems this is one strategy he knows. The threat our country faces from ISIS is real and deadly. For the president to tell the world we won’t put troops on the ground to hunt these fanatics down and destroy them is simply unbelievable. Does he think the men and women flying our combat aircraft are expendable? Or is he pandering to the Democrat base because an election is weeks away? Regardless of his motive he is wrong.

  • Get Your Passport Stamped In Sandy Hook

    To the Editor: Saturday, October 11th from 11 am – 4 pm (rain or shine) business owners in Sandy Hook will be holding the 4th Annual Passport event. Please join me exploring the town and getting your passport stamped for a chance to win a prize packa...

  • Two Women Thinking Kindly & Acting Boldly

    To the Editor: Thursday, September 18th, while shopping in Caraluzzi's after 4 pm, my two-year-old decided to throw the mother of all tantrums after being put in time out in the beer aisle. It became a mobile tantrum with her screaming louder than ever bef...

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor, In 2008, I was inspired to get involved with a campaign for state representative.  I'd been involved locally since before I was old enough to vote, but I knew running Chris Lyddy’s campaign was a chance to be part of something spe...

  • Transforming Sandy Hook

    To the Editor: This year Sandy Hook Village has gone through a great transformation. The quaint village has always been a community filled with kind-hearted business owners and residents, but recently their fellowship and shared vision has helped to bring ...

  • Letter of Endorsement

    To the Editor: I am writing to set the record straight about Tony Hwang. As a candidate for the 134th Generally Assembly District seat, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of voters in Fairfield and Trumbull as I’...