Letters to the Editor

  • Facebook’s Policy On Guns: Changed? Yes. Improved? Not Much.

    To the Editor: Facebook recently announced that it is improving its policies regarding the unlicensed sale of guns through its site. Yes, the policies have been changed, but only minimally improved; the changes will do very, very little to reduce this trade. First, the monitoring of questionable postings and pages will be left to the members; it will not be the responsibility of Facebook itself. The company will only contact the originators with a reminder that s/he should follow the law when/if a transaction results. Can you imagine how many inappropriate postings and pages will escape this “control”?

  • Fairfield County Giving Day

    To the Editor: I’m writing to encourage my neighbors and friends to join in supporting the first-ever Fairfield County Giving Day on Friday, March 7. Whether you give $10, or $100 or even $1,000, you’ll be helping to support the work of local n...

  • Join The Search For A Library Director

    To the Editor: On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Cyrenius H. Booth Library, we write to ask you for your participation in an important community matter. The search for a new library director has begun, and one of the first p...

  • Prevailing Wage Explanation Missed The Mark

    To the Editor: A piece last week in The Newtown Bee centered on prevailing wage laws applicable to public construction in Connecticut. [“Town Attorney Reviews Prevailing Wage Implications With Council.”] Unfortunately, Newtown Town Attorney David Grogins’ attempts to educate town officials on the subject was incomplete and, in part, wrong.

  • Working Together For A Long-Term Plan

    To the Editor: Below is what I shared with the Board of Finance on February 27. There were some generalizations made about “Newtown teachers being the highest paid in the state”. The towns in the State of Connecticut are broken up into District Reference Groups. They compare towns based on characteristics of their student’s families – median family incomes, percentage of families below poverty level, number of students enrolled, etc. Newtown is part of DRG B – with our neighbors Monroe, District 15, and Brookfield and also Avon, Cheshire, and Greenwich, to name a few.

  • Time For A Meaningful And Respectful Exchange Of Ideas On Guns

    To the Editor: Last Saturday I attended a symposium at the Quinnipiac University School of Law called "Gun Laws, Public Health and the Prevalence of Gun Violence: A critical look at an important balance." It brought together leading experts, practitioners and students to advance the larger conversation about gun accidents and injuries, public health and guns, mental health and guns, and the Second Amendment. The exchange of ideas was riveting, meaningful, and respectful. It dealt with a polarizing but critically important topic in a way that brought people together, and I applaud that accomplishment.

  • The Senior Center’s Creative Leadership

    To the Editor: Newtown Senior Center Director, Marilyn Place, thank you for all you have done and are doing for our seniors. In the many years I have known you, you have always been looking out for the members of our center. Many years ago, I became involv...

  • More Hypocrisy From Congress

    To the Editor: Today, February 27, C-SPAN informed us that the United States Senate blocked a Bill that would have expanded Veterans' Benefits to include dental care.  The proposed Bill would also have provided funding to support remedial health care ...

  • Patience Wearing Thin

    To the Editor: Today I watched a truck that picks up dumpsters from construction sites maneuver it's way through the not completely cleared streets where snow has piled up and the multiple parked cars of workers (there is construction going on at my house)...

  • Help And Kindness

    (The following letter to Newtown First Selectman Pat Llodra has been received for publication.) To First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra: Newtown Animal Municipal Control Officer Carolee Mason. Words fail me but you didn&r...