About Those Bullet Holes

To The Editor:

Town Historian Dan Cruson’s suggestion that the bullet holes in the rooster above The Meeting House happened during the 20th Century jibes with a story I was told some years ago.

About 25 years ago I was the co-chairman of a Main Street house tour sponsored by the League of Women Voters. One of my tasks was to interview the owners of the houses on the tour about their homes’ histories.

One homeowner, who didn’t actually live on Main Street but close to it, had grown up in Newtown. One of the many stories he told me about his youth that day was that he and his friends had been responsible for the bullet holes in the rooster atop The Meeting House, while the building was still the Congregational Church.

The gentleman no longer lives in Newtown, but I believe he is still alive. Let it be noted, however, that he has looked down upon Newtown from on high on more than one occasion.

Laura E. Lerman

55 Main Street, Newtown                    August 19, 2012

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