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The offices of The Bee are located at 5 Church Hill Road, Newtown. Telephone: (203) 426-3141. Fax: (203) 426-5169. Mailing address: PO Box 5503, Newtown, 06470. Email: editor@thebee.com. R. Scudder Smith is the publisher, and Curtiss Clark is the editor.

Community Events: News about clubs and civic organizations, schools, workshops, classes, and other events of community interest should be received at The Bee office no later than Wednesday noon for publication the following Friday.

Engagements and Weddings: Forms are available in The Bee office for those wishing to announce weddings and engagements. Photos accompanying engagement and wedding announcements will be returned if they are submitted with a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Enjoy: A weekly section of The Newtown Bee that provides news of the arts, food, and cultural events. Arts Editor is Shannon Hicks. She may be reached by calling (203) 426-3141. Announcements and news about cultural events for Enjoy and for its calendar of events should be received at our offices at 5 Church Hill Road, Newtown, 06470 at least one week before the event.

Horse News: Equestrian news is published each week in The Bee. News releases about shows, clinics, and calendar listings should be mailed to the sports editor at PO Box 5503, Newtown, CT 06470. Brief calendar listings may be phoned in at (203) 426-3141, or faxed to (203) 426-5169 or emailed to sports@thebee.com.

Letters: Letters to the editor should be signed and dated and should include the writer's phone number for confirmation. There is a 500 word limit on the length of letters; longer letters will be edited. Letters should be mailed To the Editor, The Newtown Bee, PO Box 5503, Newtown, 06479. Or use the interactive Letters to the Editor form. The editor reserves the right to reject any letter.

Photographs: Suggestions for photographs should be directed to the managing editor at (203) 426-3141 or by leaving a note in The Bee's INBOX.. Reprints of photos taken by staff photographers are available to the public at a cost of $9.54 including tax for a 5x7 inch print and $12.72 including tax for an 8x10 inch print.

Sports: General sports information should be received in The Bee's offices before Tuesday at noon to be included in Friday's paper. All submissions should be typed or legibly printed and include a phone number in case clarification is required. Brief items may be phoned in to 426-3141.

To subscribe or to report delivery problems: Subscriptions to The Bee are $36 per year or $65 for two years. To subscribe or to report problems with mail deliveries, call the Circulation Department at (203) 426-3141.

The Newtown Bee

The Newtown Bee
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