• 'We Are Newtown - Marching Strong': A Parade Prediction Come True

    What's a little rain - when it stays up in the air, that is. Preparing for a predicted rainfall, parade goers for the 52nd Annual Newtown Labor Day Parade, Monday, September 2, set up not only chairs along the parade route, but a number of portable tents, as well. Raincoats and umbrellas were stashed nearby, just in case the rumble of marchers turned into the rumble of thunder. But Mother Nature took mercy on the hundreds of friends and families lining the parade route from the top of Main Street to its finish on Queen Street, holding off her downpour until the final moments of the parade. A brief mid-parade shower had umbrellas blossooming like flowers, only to be quickly put away when the sun decided to play hide-n-seek. Prior to the 10 am start of the parade, feelings along the parade route ran from exuberant to tentative. "It's a community feel," was a common sentiment voiced, with one gentleman saying he thought more people were turning out to support the town as much as to watch the parade.

  • 52nd Annual Labor Day Parade Line Of March

    The 52nd Newtown Labor Day Parade will step off at 10 am on Monday, September 2. The theme of this year’s parade is “We Are Newtown — Marching Strong.” The parade route begins at the corner of Currituck Road and Main Street, and marchers will follow Main Street to its end, then turn left onto Glover Avenue, and then turn left onto and follow to the end of Queen Street. The judges and parade committee are seated in front of Bank of America. Emcees are stationed on Main Street near the flagpole and also in front of Bank of America.The Labor Day Parade Committee wishes to remind paradegoers to stand and salute the American flag when it passes, particularly the large flag that will be carried by a color guard at the beginning of the parade. Shuttle buses will run from the parking area of Hawley School, at 49 Church Hill Road, for participants and paradegoers.

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  • Newtown Arts Festival Event— ‘Youth,’ Through The Eyes Of Youth

    He says his thoughts can be fleeting, but 16-year-old Max Galassi of Newtown has gathered his thoughts and created a film that focuses on youth — and the fleeting moments that must be treasured, learned from, and held closely. The 40-minute featurette, Youth, will be premiered in The Great Room at Newtown Congregational Church, on Tuesday, September 17, at 7 pm, as part of the eight days of the 2013 Newtown Arts Festival events. The three-part film focuses on each of three teenaged characters. A newcomer to a community much like Newtown, a young man meets two very different girls.

  • Theater Review: Uniformly Excellent Cast In World Premiere Of ‘Oblivion’

    John Irving observed in one of his novels that adolescence is the point where for the first time, you lie to the people you love. Usually it happens when young people embark on some behavior that they suspect will not go down well at home. From the parents’ viewpoint it is alarming to realize that you are suddenly no longer in control of the child whose life you have so carefully and conscientiously shaped with play dates, music lessons, sports camp and meaningful family discussions around the dinner table. For the adolescent, it looms as a necessary part of the quest for an authentic identity, the real self — as opposed to the plaster saint the parents imagine. Such is the subject of Carly Mensch’s Oblivion, which is receiving its world premiere at Westport’s Country Playhouse through September 8.

  • Quilts From the Heart

    On Friday, August 23, Sandy Hook Promise accepted a special donation from Kaitlyn Gantert, a sophomore at New Fairfield High School. Neatly tied up with colorful ribbons and tucked into gift bags, Kaitlyn and her mother, Tricia Gantert, delivered 26 lap quilts to the local non-profit healing and advocacy group. The 48 x 30-inch quilts, one for each family directly affected by 12/14, are made up of 15 squares, seven of which are original drawings by first and second grade students at Consolidated Elementary School (CES) in New Fairfield, and one square created by the 23 sponsors of the quilts.

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