• Theater Review: A Pleasant, Updated "I Do! I Do!" In Ridgefield

    Based on a comedy by Jan De Hartog called "The Fourposter" (because the entire play takes place in a bedroom dominated by a large bed), Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt's "I Do! I Do!" follows the life of a marriage. Because of the simple set and the two person cast, it is the kind of show often put on by regional and amateur theaters as a cost saver to offset the expenses of more lavish productions in their schedule. Thus it has been chosen as this year’s light summer musical for Ridgefield Theater Barn, and judging by the crowd on a recent Saturday night, a lot of people are really enjoying the production.

  • Lighthouse Festival Set To Welcome Newtown’s Families On Saturday

    The custom lighthouses are in place, including a 20-foot tall custom built lighthouse that was set up in front of Trinity Episcopal Church late Wednesday afternoon. The banner is hung. Almost 1,000 pieces of artwork by Newtown’s kids are displayed. The Lighthouse Festival, to be presented Saturday, June 15, at Trinity Church, will be the kickoff event for Ben’s Lighthouse, a foundation working toward helping and healing Newtown’s children. Nearly 1,000 pieces of artwork by Newtown’s kids are being displayed, filling most rooms of the Main Street church. Among the scheduled activities are nautical crafts and science activities, nautical music workshops, model lighthouse workshops, interactive theater games, a touch-tank, a lifeboat and other items used by the US Coast Guard (and the opportunity to meet USCG's mascot Coastie), and even the opportunity enjoy juggling demonstrations.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • Diners Digging In To The Dinner Underground

    Diners seeking a new experience might want to try Dinner Underground. Not quite the secret society it sounds like, the random eating adventures are the brainchild of Newtown chef Kris Plummer, widely known as Chef Plum. Assisted by sous-chef Justin Kern, also a Newtown resident, Chef Plum has brought the pop-up restaurant concept to the community, hosting three Dinner Underground events to date, all at Steve Ford’s Butcher’s Best on South Main Street in Newtown.

  • Yarn Craze Adds Color To Newtown

    It would be odd to find trees wrapped in knit scarves anytime of the year, and even more so in the summer. But visitors to the Fairfield Hills property this weekend might be surprised to find the trees there draped with colorful shawls, thanks to the Cosmic Knittas.

  • Snapshot: Lucy Handley

    A weekly profile of a Newtown resident.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • Sending Love Out: From Sandy Hook To Moore

    Four men with direct ties to Sandy Hook, including one current and two former residents, drove to Moore, Okla., within days of a fatal EF5 tornado last month. “We had an immense amount of love pour into our town in December, and it continues to show up,” said Peter Baressi. “We need to not feel helpless. We need to share it,” he said, explaining why he and three friends drove 36 hours to deliver two trailers filled with supplies for those affected by the May 20 twister. John DiCostanzo, Howard Wood and Bill Faucett spent 36 hours driving west, spent the overnight of May 25-26 in Kansas City, and then arrived in Moore, Okla., on Sunday, May 26. They spent less than six hours in Norman, Okla., where they dropped off their donations, and then headed home.

  • Newtown Author Offers A Serving Of “Chicken Soup for The Soul”

    When it comes to being a professional writer, Newtown resident Sophfronia Scott has seen it all. From writing articles for Time Magazine and People to publishing a novel and penning non-fiction books on how to get ahead in the world of business, Ms Scott knows what it takes to make it as an author. Fortunately for aspiring writers, some of Ms Scott’s wisdom, which she has accumulated over two decades of working as a professional author, has recently been published in the anthology Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.