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  • ‘Modeling For Makers’ Gala To Benefit Library Technology

    Guests will be surprised at who they see strutting down the catwalk at the “Modeling for Makers” gala event, Saturday, April 18. Hosted by the C.H. Booth Library Board of Trustees, heads will turn, said former board member Cathy Geckle, who along with another former board member, Mary Thomas, is organizing the library fundraiser that will take place at Rock Ridge Country Club. Notable Newtowners from government, town offices, and commissions, school administrators, teachers, coaches, and businesspeople have all agreed to make their own fashion statements, said Ms Geckle, adding flair and fun to the unusual fashion show to benefit the CHBMakers program at the library. Not only is the library a place of connection, reading, and discovery, Ms Geckle pointed out, but it is also a place of education. Creating a space where technology meets the needs of younger and older patrons, CHBMakers celebrates entrepreneurs.

  • RCN Art Therapy Is A Splash

    Resident and artist Dave Brooker’s cheeks and hair bore rainbow splashes of paint. His hands, white smock, and shoes also carried a slash of red, smudge of blue, and random dabs in many colors as he led children through an afternoon of art in his Newtown studio late last week. Resiliency Center of Newtown ounder and Director Stephanie Cinque peeked through sheets of clear plastic hung to protect the walls and watched the children paint. Mentioning an upcoming RCN gala scheduled for April 10, Ms Cinque said the white sheets now covered in splattered paint, would be used to make greeting cards that will be for sale during the gala. Proceeds will benefit the center’s programming.

  • Free Screenings Of 'Into The Woods,' March 13-15 At ETH Theatre

    Walt Disney’s "Into The Woods" begins screening tonight at Edmond Town Hall Theatre. Thanks to an ongoing gesture of kindness by Ingersoll Auto of Danbury, the March 13-15 movie screenings will be free of charge. Released on Christmas Day 2014, Walt Disney's "Into The Woods" combines many of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy into a musical fantasy, which finds a poor, childless baker (James Corden) and his wife (Emily Blunt) cursed by an evil witch (Meryl Streep).

  • Brookfield Philatelic Society Exhibit At Library

    Maxine Mangiafico, Bill Hamilton, and Robert Lund are philatelists — and if that word is frightening, rest easy. It merely means that Ms Mangiafico of Newtown, Mr Hamilton of Patterson, N.Y., and Mr Lund of Brewster, N.Y., are stamp collectors. They are among the nearly three dozen registered members of the Brookfield Philatelic Society, and are enthusiastic about the exhibit of stamp collections and stamp collecting paraphernalia the club has on display at the C.H. Booth Library through early April. Two large glass-topped cases and one vertical glass case located near the Young Adult Department of the library are filled with carefully placed examples of the many kinds of stamps members of the society collect.

  • NUMC To Celebrate, And Begin Winding Down, 25 Years Of Pasta Suppers

    Newtown United Methodist Church’s Pasta Project will celebrate its 25th anniversary this month. The monthly NUMC Saturday Pasta Dinner will be this weekend, on March 7, from 5 to 7:30 pm, in the church’s lower gathering hall. The public will have two more opportunities to enjoy the monthly spaghetti dinner after that, longtime volunteer and project coordinator Martha Millett has announced. In June, the project will conclude its run of community gatherings.

  • Deep Freeze Makes Lake Zoar A Winter Playground

    Winter has frozen Lake Zoar from shore to shore, and the ice is thick — circumstances some residents have not seen in several years. Waterview Drive resident Cindy Palkimas has been a lakeside resident for 13 years, and remembers the lake freezing over completely in the past. “This year the ice is the thickest it’s ever been since I moved here.” While neighbors and residents have been able to run snowmobiles and ATVs over the lake's surface this season, some are keeping their eyes on the ice for other reasons. When the temperatures rise, large chunks of moving ice may spell trouble. Lake Zoar Authority member and Underhill Road resident Gary Fillion corroborates this. The ice breaking up “could be a disaster” if an ice dam floats down river, Mr Fillion said. “If people have rigid docks that stay in all year, ice sheets could take docks with them. There is potential for shoreline damage.”

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

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