• NHS Senior Prom 2015

    Newtown High School seniors and their dates attended this year’s Senior Prom on Friday, April 24, at The Matrix Conference & Banquet Center in Danbury. Before the more than 400 guests ventured to the Senior Prom, many gathered at houses and local parks and gardens. The venue was decorated with a Mardi Gras color scheme of purple, green, gold, and white. And masks were laid out on tables.

  • Head O’ Meadow Students Cast Votes For Books

    Ahead of the town referendum on the budget on Tuesday, April 28, Head O’ Meadow Elementary School students had their own chance to make their voices heard on Monday, April 27, by voting for new books to be added to the school’s library. Near the start of voting at Head O’ Meadow, Democratic Registrar of Voters LeReine Frampton and Republican Registrar of Voters JoAnne Albanesi said they were ready for the entire student body at the elementary school to vote. One by one, during lunch waves at the schools, students were led to the cafetorium’s stage, where Ms Albanesi and Ms Frampton had set up a voting machine.

  • Technology Spending Plan Presented To School Board

    The Board of Education heard a long-term/five-year spending plan presentation from the district’s Director of Technology Carmella Amodeo at its Tuesday, April 21, meeting. “This is the continuation of the flattening or smoothing of technology spending over a five-year period,” Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, said near the start of the presentation. Ms Amodeo explained the plan takes the district’s practice of replacing obsolete equipment and makes some adjustments to estimate an average expenditure of $545,307 instead of different costs each fiscal year.

  • Reed Students Preparing To Perform ‘Annie Jr,’ May 8-9

    Reed Intermediate School students rehearsed on Tuesday, April 21, for the school’s upcoming musical production of Annie Jr. The plot of Annie Jr follows a young orphan girl as she searches for a family. The performances are set for 7 pm on Friday, May 8, and 6 pm on Saturday, May 9. All performances will be held at Reed Intermediate School, 3 Trades Lane. Tickets are $8. To reserve tickets email Jill Marak at marakj@newtown.k12.ct.us.

  • Fraser Woods Montessori School Still Seeking 1984-85 Students

    Fraser Woods Montessori School is still seeking students from its 1984–85 school year to participate in the unveiling of a time capsule from that year. The time capsule will be opened during a ceremony on June 5. The school is continuing to search for some of its original elementary school students to participate in that celebration, which will also mark 15 years of the school being located at its current site, 173 South Main Street.

  • ‘FoodPlay’ Presented At Middle Gate

    Middle Gate Elementary School students learned about healthy food during a presentation called “FoodPlay” on Wednesday, April 8, presented by Chartwells K12 School Dining Services and FoodPlay Productions. “FoodPlay” is a national award-winning theater show that features juggling, music, magic, and audience participation. Giordan Diaz played the part of “Coach” in the production and Chrissy Basham played the part of “Janey,” who learned to make better food choices from Coach. The characters juggled and acted out different skits during the production to feature ways to eat healthier. As explained by Coach, Janey was training to join the National Junior Juggling Team, and Coach was in charge of overseeing her practice and her nutrition.

  • Tim Green Offers Reading Advice And Inspiration At Reed And NMS

    Tim Green, a former NFL player, a lawyer, and an author, visited Reed Intermediate School and Newtown Middle School on Thursday, April 3, sharing stories and reading inspiration with students at each school. “It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce to you, Mr Tim Green,” said library/media specialist Pia Ledina before students situated in the school’s cafetorium. Mr Green gave multiple presentations for Newtown’s students on April 3 and signed a number of his books. At Reed, which was his first stop for the day, students held copies of his books in their laps while he gave his presentation.

  • Share Your Prom Photos With The Bee

    Students attending the Newtown High School Senior Prom tonight are invited to share some of their favorite photos with The Newtown Bee for publication in a future print edition and/or for an online photo slideshow. Send photos to Education Reporter Eliza Hallabeck by Tuesday, April 28, at 10 am. When sending photos, please include the first and last names of anyone people shown in the picture along with a brief description of what is happening in the photo.

  • Two Coyotes Wilderness School Preparing For Family Fun Day And Summer Camps

    With the annual Two Coyotes Family Fun Day coming up, and registration for the local wilderness school’s summer camps now open, Two Coyotes Wilderness School Executive Director Justin Pegnataro expressed his excitement for the two seasons of offerings at the school this week. The annual Two Coyotes Family Fun Day is slated for Sunday, April 26, from 1 pm to 4 pm, at Sticks and Stones Farm, 201 Hunting town Road. Two Coyotes Wilderness School offers kids aged 5 to 16 unique, ongoing, year-round outdoor programs, as well as summer camps. The school’s philosophy is derived from the book Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature.

  • Reed Students Portray Historical Figures During ‘Wax Museum’ Presentation

    Sixth grade students in Michelle Holda-Vaccaro and Lil Martenson’s cluster were situated throughout the school’s cafetorium on Tuesday, March 31, dressed as “wax museum” characters. As a reading project, Ms Holda-Vaccaro explained, the students read and researched famous people who had made a positive influence on the world. While working on the projects, Ms Holda-Vaccaro said the students learned about credible sources and how to write a speech. The students also spent many hours in the school’s library/media center with library/media specialist Pia Ledina researching their person of interest.