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A Courteous Response From Police

Published: December 19, 2016

To The Editor:

I write to thank Officer Matt Hayes and the Newtown Police Department for getting my car out of a snowbank and for getting me and my car home safely.

On Saturday, during the snow and before the roads were plowed, I tried to go up Mt Pleasant and ended up in said snowbank.

Leaving the car and trekking the almost mile home, I was in the house a few minutes when the Newtown Police Department called asking me to move my car. When I told them I didn’t have an alternate car (and driver) and couldn’t move the car they informed me that the road had been plowed and sent Officer Matt Hayes to drive me to my car. Officer Hayes and another policeman stopped traffic both ways and helped me navigate turning around so that I could drive home.

Through it all, everyone was courteous and never once did anyone ask me what I thought I was doing driving in heavy unplowed snow in a two-wheel drive car up Mt Pleasant.

To Officer Matt Hayes, and the other officer, and the Newtown Police Department: thank you for your courteous and responsible response to my problem.

Laura E. Lerman
55 Main Street, Newtown         December 19, 2016

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