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Tipping Toward A New Season

Published: September 7, 2017

Here we go again, tipping not only into a new autumnal season as the sun tilts away from the earth in the upcoming weeks, but into a new political season.

In a voting event that has not occurred in decades in this town, Republican voters will go to the polls on Tuesday to confirm the candidate they feel will best represent this party for first selectman position and running mate in the November election. They will also decide if current Town Clerk Debbie Aurelia Halstead goes up against Democratic candidate for the position, Valerie Hart, in November, or if her challenger, Ann LoBosco, holds that spot on the ballot.

The result of the September 12 GOP primary will clarify for that party who they believe has the best chance of becoming Newtown’s next top leaders.

Will Rodgers and Mary Ann Jacob are well-known townspeople, having lived and played here, and having served in many official capacities. Mr Rodgers has selected former Legislative Councilman and RTC Chairman Jeff Capeci as his running mate. Neil Chaudhary, former vice chair of the Legislative Council and current member, is Ms Jacob’s chosen teammate.

How Republicans vote will determine the makeup of the ticket, though. A Rodgers/Chaudhary or Jacob/Capeci combo are not impossibilities, depending on the final vote counts.

Republican voters in Newtown believe they can count on any team that comes out on top at the primary to best Democratic rival Dan Rosenthal and running mate Maureen Crick Owen on November 7.
Currently, another Republican, Andrew Clure, has petitioned for a spot on the November ballot, which will have interesting implications.

The role of first selectman is one that can flourish beyond any political affiliation at this local level, though. Residents who are open to hearing from all candidates, in order to select the people — not the party — will choose a team who can inspire and lead Newtown. What celebrations and crises are in the future are not foreseeable. People with vision and skills to handle the responsibilities are vital to the continued well-being of our town.

Between now and November, Newtown Bee readers will have opportunity to learn about the people of both the Democratic and Republican parties who envision themselves in the town’s top office. Selecting a town leader is serious business, and making a knowledgable choice in November’s election is critical. Take time between now and then to learn about the people and the challenges they will face, as well as their solutions and ideas.

The Newtown Bee will, not only in print, but through The Newtown Bee debate forum on Tuesday, October 24, at Edmond Town Hall, offer insight into candidates for first selectman. We invite residents to continue to send questions to be considered for presentation to the first selectman candidates at this event, which begins with a meet and greet at 6:30 pm, followed by the debate from 7 to 8:30 pm. E-mail questions to no later than October 17. We believe that hearing candid responses to questions of concern in the community is an ideal means of understanding the candidates.

Don’t tip away from opportunities to meet and talk with any perspective town leaders, or board and commission members. What you see and hear — or what you do not — can be valuable when it comes to making a decision this November.

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