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‘Shrek The Musical, Jr’ Being Staged At Reed This Weekend

Published: April 26, 2018

Reed Intermediate School’s musical production of Shrek The Musical, Jr, will take the stage this Friday and Saturday, April 27 and 28.

Shrek The Musical, Jr, based on the DreamWorks film, follows the story of an ogre who ventures away from his swamp to protect it and find another home for the fairy tale creatures forced to inhabit it after being banished from their own homes by Lord Farquaad. During his journey to reclaim his home, Shrek befriends a donkey and must save a princess.

The production will have public performances on Friday, April 27, at 7 pm and Saturday, April 28, at 6 pm. All tickets are $8, and are on sale in advance off of school’s website, Due to the popularity of the show, extra general admission tickets will be available while they last. The performances are scheduled to be 60 minutes long.

Production members of the musical include Executive Producer, Director, and Co-Choreography Director Twyla Hafermann; Producer/Communication/and Musical Director Sue Vogelman; Co-Choreography Director Stacey Coelho; lighting designers Bobby Gaffney, Evelyn Schwertly, and Ashley Carnes; sound designers Harrison Hoffert, Tim White, and Miles Dievert; lighting/sound support Sarah Marsh, and Alix Lewis; Set Designer Michelle Ginand; Reed school consultants/liasons Michelle Hiscavich, Michelle Tannenbaum, and Sharon Vetrano; and parent volunteer coordinator Carol Ann Davis.

Cast members, in the order they appear, are Reese Wheat as Storyteller One Cinderella; Faith Buckley as Storyteller Two Rapunzel; Mary Socci as Storyteller Three Snow White; Alexa Choi as Mama Ogre; Johnny Kwap as Papa Ogre; Theodore Anderson as Little Shrek; Chelsea Calderbank, Jessica Chevalier, Morgana Goldie, Gabriella Hilario, and Olivia Lugo as Children at Play Ensemble; Kaitlyn Velsmid as Young Fiona; Lily Hunter as Pitchfork Man; Joseph Soriano as Shrek; Luke Phelps as Captain of Guard; Jules Kessler as Pinocchio; Madeline Roe as Wicked Witch; Lauren Smiley as Mama Bear; Charles Dunn as Papa Bear; Rebecca Holland as Baby Bear; Andrew Corey as Peter Pan; Marty Dunn as Ugly Duckling; Alexa Manfredonia, Julia Forlenzo, and Mary Guion as Three Pigs; Cole Sgagliardich as Big Bad Wolf; Brian Sibley as Pied Piper; Jessica Powers as Puss In Boots; Ava Baroody, Zosia Teraszkiewicz, and Devyn Reilly as Three Blind Mice; Glinda-Emma as Early, Katie Fiorini as Tinker Bell, Maclane Hart as Captain Hook, Bree Hintze as Little Bo Peep, Hannah Fox as Little Red Riding Hood, Cole Wanzer as King of Hearts, Alexa Choi as Queen of Hearts, and Johnny Kwap as Mad Hatter as the Fairy Tale Ensemble; Lola Kessler as Donkey; Carter Briggs, Nicky Corso, Lukas Durrwachter, Sam Stoltz, Corwin Thorflyn, Jason Wasilnak, and Ryan Zaniewski as the Guard ensemble; Gabriella Arnold, Julianna Battaglia, Sydney Bruno, Abigail Da Rocha, Avery Donahoe, Gianna Galassi, Bridget Gioffe, Ashley Guerrera, Brooke Jackson, Reese Lischuk, Jessie Moore, Addy Plummer, Lilly Plummer, Chrissy Salvo, Rachael Shepard, Olivia Skowronski, Grace Snowden, and Ashley Velsmid as the Duloc Dancer Ensemble; Brooke Jackson as Duloc Announcer; Jacob Beckley as Lord Farquaad; Morgan Harrison as Gingy; Grace Zulli as Teen Fiona; Sadie Gureasko-Moore as Princess Fiona; Riley DeLoughy, Nate Lewis, Jackson Douglas, and Luke Doherty as Knights One to Four; Theodore Anderson, Cameron Barr, Bennett Quinn, and Roman Verna as the Knight Ensemble; Alexandra Knaggs as Dragon; Reese Wheat as Rooster; Zaara Adam, Rachael Albrecht, Margaret Anderson, Ellie Arcario, Sadie Baimel, Chelsea Calderbank, Jessica Chevalier, Lorelei Cullen, Bryana Diaz, Adlien Ekman, Kendall Fiorillo, Emily Godbout, Morgana Goldie, Maria Goldstein, Gabriella Hilario, Rose Lehnes, Olivia Lugo, Abigail Manka, Jaclyn Mauri, Amelis Medina, Morgan Neff, Meaghan Richard, Adelyn Skerik, Fallon Tolnay, and Lily Tullis as the Dancing Rat Ensemble; Jennifer Waters as Bishop; and Lily Hunter as Dwarf/Grumpy.

Members of the stage crew are Newtown High School Stage Manager Harrison Hoffert; Reed Stage Manager Michaela Bonacci; Assistant Stage Manager Jaclyn Schultz; lighting running crew Bobby Gaffney, Evelyn Schwertly, and Ashley Carnes; sound running crew Harrison Hoffert, Tim White, and Miles Dievert; props running crew Amaya Medina and Jaclyn Schultz; backstage running crew Julia Echavarria, Sam Olson, Andrew Piccuillo, and Kaliah Ames; backstage runners Willow Assante LaBash, and Brooke Remson; seating by Jennifer Demassa, Ronnie Petro, Stephen Sibley, and CJ St Louis; programs by Kimora Campbell, Briana Gayposh, Van Heim-Sherwood, and Amanda Marchese; and notes by Nicholas D’Amico, Spencer Jorgenson, Stephen Sibley, and Sophia Wade.

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