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SMART Camp Brings Summer Fun; Second Session Starts July 18

Published: July 15, 2016

SMART (Summer Music and Art) Camp is celebrating its 25th year as campers sculpt, perform, and experiment at Head O’ Meadow Elementary School.

SMART Camp, overseen by Newtown Continuing Education, offers programs centered around music, art, and science for more than 80 children exiting kindergarten through sixth grade, Program Coordinator Stephanie Schwartz said on Wednesday, July 6.

The camp’s first of two sessions, lasting two weeks each, started on July 5. Campers choose to enroll in three out of the ten programs offered in each session. The second session runs from July 18 to July 29.

Some programs offered include STEM explorers, fashion design, and puppet making.

Camper Rachel Calorossi spent time in her basketmaking class on July 6 forming a basket by coiling ropes.

“It’s really cool,” Rachel said. “They were really tricky [baskets to make].”

In another classroom, fuse glass instructor Kelly Makuch taught the campers about the science of glass. On Wednesday, she guided the campers in art projects. Some projects throughout the week included using glass to make robots, birdhouses, and mobiles, Ms Makuch said.

The camp also offers an Adventures in Painting program in which campers learn different techniques, and create painted art ranging from self portraits to stuffed animals.

“They’re great,” instructor Cathy Hydeck said about the children. “Everybody loves to use paint and use glitter.”

For campers interested in science, the icky sticky chemistry class offers children the opportunity to learn about the subject while tie-dying bandanas, making ice cream, and investigating the density of different substances, instructor Amy Pantaleo said.

“We make a lot of messes and have a lot of fun,” Ms Pantaleo said.

SMART Camp wraps up with a showcase on the last day, where family members are invited and the artwork that has been worked on over the two weeks is put on display, Ms Schwartz said. Additionally, the fashion design program holds a fashion show, and the theater program performs the musical they have organized.

“Something that I love about SMART and keeps me coming back is just the sense of community that the program just naturally kind of creates,” Ms Schwartz said. “The children seem to love it. Most of the campers are returners so they come back year after year after year.”

Further information about Newtown Continuing Education programs and SMART Camp’s second session is available by calling 203-426-1787 or on its website,

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