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Opening A New School

Published: December 11, 2002


    Opening A New School

    To the Editor:

    I am pleased to inform you that we plan to begin classes at the new Reed Intermediate School for all Newtown fifth and sixth grade students beginning Monday, January 6, 2003. The midyear opening of our new school requires slightly altered building time schedules for our elementary schools as well as different bus routes to be in effect for our K-8 schools.

    These schedules and routes will begin on January 2 and will continue through the end of June 2003. We are already working to devise schedules and bus routes for the 2003-04 school year. A copy of the school time schedules is enclosed for your convenience. The bus routes will be printed in The Newtown Bee for grades five through eight; elementary school parents will receive a letter from the Transportation Office if their child’s schedule is affected.

    Please note that fifth and sixth grade students will not attend school on Thursday, January 2, nor Friday, January 3, in order to provide their teachers with time to complete the set up of the new classrooms. All other students will have regular classes on those dates.

    Please call your child’s school principal or my office if you have any questions.

    I know you share in my excitement about the opening of our new school and I thank you for your cooperation as we make this transition.


    Evan Pitkoff, EdD

    Superintendent of Schools

    4 Fairfield Circle South, Newtown December 10, 2002