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Murphy’s 2017 ‘Walk Across Connecticut’ Includes Newtown Stop

Published: August 11, 2017

Newtown is scheduled to be the second to last stop as US Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) completes his second “Walk Across Connecticut,” taking to the state’s streets and dirt roads to listen to and get feedback from residents.

According to a release, Sen Murphy will begin his walk in Killingly on Sunday morning, August 13, and walk 103 miles through 21 towns over the subsequent five days.

He will hold a series of pop-up town halls each day along his route where he will hear firsthand from Connecticut residents about a variety of topics. Members of the public are invited to attend Murphy’s Newtown stop on Wednesday, August 16, at 6:30 pm.

He is planning to meet and chat with constituents in the Edmond Town Hall Gym at 45 Main Street.

During his first Walk Across Connecticut around the same time last year, The Connecticut Mirror reported that he was almost struck by a car as he navigated a patch of busy Route 1 in East Haven.

That scary vehicular encounter resulted in a brain storm to patch up parts of the state that are not friendly to people who want to get to work without cars.

Last year, Sen Murphy opted for traveling alone. He said he was in search of the Connecticut that you can’t find in articles, statistics, and abstract summaries of issues and crises facing the state.

“If you’re not physically and emotionally connecting to your job [as a senator], you’re not doing it,” he said as we walked through New Haven in late August of 2016. “You’ve got to talk to people you’ve got to feel people’s emotional challenges and their hopes and dreams.”

The federal lawmaker said that when he’s walking in a T-shirt, shorts and cap, people open up to him with more candor than if he encounters them wearing a suit and a Senate lapel pin.

“This is a diverse place, different takes on the same issue. But you can feel it in a truly organic way when you walk,” Sen Murphy said.

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