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Led By Mother-Son Duo, Mad Dash Participants Conquer Obstacle Course

Published: June 30, 2018

Andy Hutchison

Newtown’s Stephen Singlak led all finishers in the elite course of the seventh annual Mad Dash Adventure Race, at Fairfield Hills, on a hot, sticky June 30 morning. He completed the course in a time of 43:42. His mom, Melissa Singlak, led all female competitors and finished runner-up only to her son.

“I was chasing my son the whole time and I couldn’t catch him,” said Melissa Singlak, who completed the grueling 4.3 mile course, loaded with several challenging obstacles the competitors had to overcome not once but twice, in a time of 44:39.

Participants went through the tunnel crawl, tire obstacle, and climbed over hay bales before fighting off blasts of water from firefighters as they tested their stability on log balance beams. The next obstacle, the “tar and feather” station was a crawl through grass clippings that stuck to the wet runners.

After going under and over police barriers, participants climbed barrier walls, tested their fitness in the trainer challenge, then crawled through a long mud pit.

They carried heavy rocks up a steep hill and ran to the ladder excursion. Competitors moved, monkey bar style, across ladders. The slip and slide, a hosed off tarp on a slope, featured soap suds, and a wall jump obstacle gave way to a final run to the finish.

The Mad Dash provided fun and mud for all.

“I like the obstacles, getting dirty. It’s a hot day. You get wet and it cools you down,” Melissa Singlak said.

Stephen Singlak said the slip and slide station was his favorite.

“It’s just fun, and you don’t get messy. You get clean,” he said, adding that the barrier climb was the toughest station and required assistance from volunteers.

Matt Lasorsa, who ran the course as part of a team that called itself the Fluffernutters, also said the slip and slide event was his favorite.

Some of the competitors got a lot of speed going and slid quickly down the hill on the wet tarp.

The Fluffernutters comprised Marc, Jill and Matt Lasorsa, Jack Markowicz, Max Minor, and Mitchell Savoca.

“I think it was pretty challenging. The hill run was the hardest,” Savoca said.

Temperatures were in the upper 70s, up into the 80s, although the shaded portions of the course provided some relief.

Bruce Goulart doesn’t mind when the weather isn’t ideal, as it was with substantially cooler conditions for the previous week’s Rooster Run, also sponsored by Newtown Parks and Recreation.

“I run in the very, very cold, the ice cold, the heat. I can’t sit home and say ‘it’s too hot,’” said Goulart, who broke the top ten.

The advanced course included three laps around Fairfield Hills, one of which was a run-only lap. The event included a less-intense but still very challenging, agility-testing 1.7-mile single lap open course, as well as a Mini Dash Adventure for children ages 5-8.

The rest of the elite course top results are as follows: 3. Matt Christiano 44:46; 4. Jack Daxner 44:46; 5. Donald Bullock 51:20; 6. Bryan Dougherty 51:57; 7. Chris Soler 53:30; 8. Bruce Goulart 54:41; 9. Dieter Gutbrod 55:50; 10. John Hampford 55:51. Will Hampford came in 11th, just ten seconds behind, in 56:01.

Top finishers in the open race (times not recorded): 1. Shaun Daoust; 2. Charlie Hanson; 3. Maddie Fetchick; 4. Jack Chappa; 5. Cole Stockwell; 6. Duncan Kolb; 7. Hannah Stowe; 8. Henry Prout; 9. Eric Kolb; 10. Carter Close.

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