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Published: March 31, 2000




    When doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget to thoroughly vacuum all heating ducts and air vents. The collection of winter dust will be re-deposited into the air once the air conditioning is used.

    To clean cobwebs out of high areas, such as ceiling corners, wrap a damp cloth around the end of a broom. The dampness of the cloth acts as a magnet when it comes in contact with the cobweb.

    To remove filmy winter residue left on windows, use a spray mildew remover, scrub with a wet sponge until clean, then spray with window cleaner and polish to a shine.

    Use rubber gloves or a damp sponge to remove loose pet hair from rugs and furniture.

    Instead of just covering up musty winter smells, eliminate them by distributing partially filled saucers of white vinegar around the house and ventilate by opening windows and doors.

    To conceal scratches on wooden floors, apply a small amount of wax with very fine steel wool to the floor. Then use a dry cloth to dry and polish.

    To remove greasy handprints and crayon marks off walls and tabletops, apply a small amount of solvent such as Endust or WD40. Spray directly on marks and clean using a stiff toothbrush. Then clean off any remaining residue with soap and warm water.

    To remove lime or hard water mineral buildup on bathroom fixtures, rub lemon juice over the stain until dissolved, and then rinse. (Do not allow juice to sit on fixtures for long periods of time. It could damage porcelain or enamel fixtures.)