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Free Series For Seniors Or Supporters Of Seniors Through Newtown Continuing Education

Published: March 3, 2018

Resident and professional senior advisor Curt Symes is offering a free class series called “What’s Happening in Newtown for Boomers, Seniors, And Family Members” through Newtown Continuing Education.

The first session will be offered Wednesday, March 14, from 5 to 6 pm. Those interested should register by Friday, March 9, with Newtown Continuing Education, which can be reached at 203-426-1787, weekdays between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm.

A description for the course explains it will help those who have wondered, “What’s new and of interest in Newtown specifically for boomers, seniors, and their family members?” The one-hour class will discuss Newtown’s 2018 Livable Community Initiative, the new senior center planning, and other topics of interest to the local senior community, according to Newtown Continuing Education.

Mr Symes said the class will be offered once a month for three months, and it will resume in the fall. People can attend the any or all of the three classes. Future dates will be announced through Newtown Continuing Education.

“People really do need to pay attention,” Mr Symes said, listing life planning as an important area to not avoid. For those who do not plan, Mr Symes said the result “is not fun.”

The idea for the class came together with resident John Boccuzzi, Sr, as part of a 2018 Livable Community Initiative. The initiative and the class, according to Mr Symes, both focus on sharing information with Newtown’s senior citizens and getting that community more involved locally. Years of effort has led to the initiative and the class, thanks to many who supported the local senior community.

With the community center/senior center building effort underway, Mr Symes said it was time to think about communication and making local seniors feel better. While the “What’s Happening in Newtown for Boomers, Seniors, And Family Members” class is new, he said it brings together aspects of other classes he has taught through Newtown Continuing Education in the past.

The new class, he said, will share enough information for attendees to proceed with planning for themselves, their parents, or their children. The class will also cover where people can learn more information about life planning locally.

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