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Former Silvermine Director Offering Landscape Painting Demo, Next SCAN Program

Published: March 11, 2018

The Society of Creative Arts of Newtown (SCAN) will have Charles Ray of Redding painting in oil on Wednesday, March 14, at 7:30 pm. His subject will be Yellowstone Park.

The demonstration will take place in the lower level of Newtown Meeting House, 31 Main Street (at the flagpole). The public is invited, free of charge.

Charles Ray is a graduate of Hartford Art School; he also studied at Yale School of Art. He was director of Silvermine School of Arts in New Canaan from 1993 until his retirement in 2001. He taught painting and drawing there for many years, and is a Silvermine Guild Artist member.

Mr Ray’s current work focuses on images in nature painted primarily on site in the Northeast — landscapes of serene clouds, rolling shadowed hills or bodies of water. Themes include sunrises and sunsets. He derives energy from the sunrise, getting a whole new start every day.

Prior to his shift to landscape, Mr Ray’s paintings were created in the studio and were mostly figurative or still life.

He visited Yellowstone National Park with his family and was so impressed that it is his new area of concentration.

Mr Ray has had numerous solo shows and has been in group and museum shows throughout Connecticut, New York, and neighboring states. In addition, he has been commissioned for many corporate and private portraits.

Reservations are not needed for SCAN programs but additional information is available by calling 203-426-6654 or visiting

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