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Flagpole Realty Moves To Virtual Office Work Place

Published: July 14, 2017

The Newtown Bee

Flagpole Realty, Inc, a leader in hometown Newtown real estate, has moved into the future by establishing a virtual office, as of July 1.

With so much online, Flagpole has found that the need for a physical office unnecessary.

Flagpole agents now have at-home offices and access to respond to any of their clients questions and needs.

Cathy Masi, co-owner and broker, said, “Our business has changed so much with the internet that we don’t use our office the way we used to…”

When searching for a new home or to sell a home, most clients these days search several online sites such as, Zillow, and Trulia. They are given actual information from Flagpole’s MLS system, as well as many photos of each listing and usually a map of the property location.

Flagpole has found that most clients contact them to see the homes that most fit their wants and needs but, with time being in short supply, would rather meet at the house than spend extra time in an office.

Riding in a realtor’s car has also gone by the wayside. Clients prefer to be in their own vehicles, as many frequently travel with their children, some who may require a car seat.

Once a client has found a home, most documents are sent electronically, and all parties involved in the purchase procedure can have the documents at a moment’s notice.

“It just works so smoothly and quickly,” said Wendy Margules, co-owner of Flagpole Realty.

With online sites such as DocuSign and Dropbox, signatures are obtained in a very efficient manner.

Kenny Jacobson, realtor with Flagpole, said, “Welcome to the future; this is similar to the big corporations who feel that employees get more done working from a quiet home office where distractions are kept at a minimum. Welcome to the 21st Century and the wave of the future.”

Flagpole Realty is also celebrating its 25th year of business serving Newtown and the surrounding areas. The group is happy to have made a major jump into the future and looks forward to many more years of hometown service.

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