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First Snow Of The Year Slows The Morning, But No Surprises For Town Crews

Published: January 6, 2017

The first snow of 2017 brought a little more accumulation than what the National Weather Service had been predicting for Newtown, but it still was not enough to create too many issues for residents.

In the days leading up to January 6, the weather service had been predicting anywhere from a dusting to two inches tops for Newtown. Its predictions showed expectations that the majority of the snow heading toward the area this week would have the largest effect along the state’s southern coastline. In fact, a Winter Weather Advisory that had been issued in conjunction with the early morning snowfall event did not even include northern Fairfield County in its coverage area.

By daybreak Friday, however, Newtown had an average of 2-3 inches across town. The snow continued steadily until the 8 am hour, and by 9 am had all but dissipated. Roadways remained wet and slippery but manageable.

Schools did not have a delay on Friday, and most businesses seemed to be operating as usual.

Fred Hurley, director of Newtown Public Works, deemed the snow “not a big deal” by late Friday morning.

“The crews went out about 2:15 this morning, and sanded up the roads,” Mr Hurley said. “They took care of everything so that the roads were ready for buses to start at their normal time today.

“A flurry came through after that, but because the roads had already been sanded and salted, that little bit melted right away,” he added. “There were really no big surprises.”

Mr Hurley’s department received one complaint concerning the roads, he said. A woman called to report the condition of Church Hill Road and Route 25, Mr Hurley said.

“But we told her that that was a state road,” and therefore not under the purview of town crews.

A call to the Newtown Police Department concerning any weather related incidents was not immediately returned.

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