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28th Annual Tree Lighting Memorials Begin Arriving

Published: November 23, 2012


    28th Annual Tree Lighting

    Memorials Begin Arriving

    The Newtown Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a fundraising drive for the 28th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony and luminarias display that will be presented at Ram Pasture on Friday, November 30. Donors may also contribute $10 for a bulb or luminaria to honor someone special. Donations will be accepted until the end of December.

    Donations should be mailed to Tree Lighting Committee co-chair Diana Johnson at 26 Parmalee Hill Road, Newtown CT 06470. Mrs Johnson can be reached for additional information by calling 203-426-5418.

    The following donations have been received for this year’s fundraising efforts:

    In Honor Of                                                                     Donor                                   Tree  Luminaria

    28th Annual Tree Lighting                    Greg & Mary Lou Pierce                                 1             1

    Joseph Corbo                                             Marianne Corbo                                               1

    John & Margaret Godfrey                       Lorraine J. Godfrey                                                         1 

    Stan Perrone                                             Stan’s Christmas Tree Committee            1             1                          

    Newtown’s Soldiers in Iraq                   Mr & Mrs Donald Hammalian                     1

    Newtown’s Soldiers in Afghanistan    Mr & Mrs Donald Hammalian                     1

    Mr & Mrs Raymond  Sandner               Michael & Marcia Sandner                           1                        

    Everett  Petersen                                     Michael & Marcia Sandner                           1

    Kathleen Grande                                      Dawn & Jon Briggs                                         1

    Fred Lajoie                                                Harriet Lajoie Comboni                                1

    Frank E. Johnson                                     Barbara Johnson & Family                          1

    The Annual Tree Lighting                      Michael J. & Frauke Zilinek                         1

    All Of The Volunteers                             Janet & Diana                                                 1             1