Letters to the Editor

  • Information Vital To Deep Brook’s Quality

    To the Editor: Candlewood Valley Trout Unlimited (CVTU) contacted the Newtown Conservation Commission (CC) last year asking to upgrade the Deep Brook Open Space kiosk with educational materials and a Plexiglas covering which would preserve materials placed...

  • Bob-o-link Paradise

    To the Editor: What is it about birds that we find so fascinating and awe-inspiring? Is it their ability to break the bonds of gravity and freely move in any direction, their ability to navigate across countries or even continents, their songs which captur...

  • More Traffic Engineering Or More Enforcement?

    To the Editor: The Police Commission has announced that it is considering hiring another traffic engineering firm to address the high number of accidents at the Flagpole intersection [

  • Homes For Our Troops

    To the Editor: Hillary Clinton wrote that it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a nation of volunteer fundraisers, such as myself, to provide severely-wounded military with the handicap houses they need to live out the rest of their lives as comfor...

  • A Butterfly Party For All Creatures Great And Small

    To the Editor: There simply aren't enough words to express our gratitude to all who helped make Catherine's Butterfly Party a success on Saturday, June 6. Over 2,000 people attended along with a wonderful array of vendors, sponsors, rescue organizations and educational groups. We are so grateful to the community for supporting this event and helping us build a sanctuary of peace and compassion for all creatures, great and small.

  • Gains Not Losses

    To the Editor: In response to Robert Hennessey’s letter in the May 29, 2015 Letter Hive [“A New Approac...

  • A Shared Mission

    To the Editor: Last week the Inland Wetlands Commission approved the River Walk Development in Sandy Hook. This project, brought forward by Michael Burton, will bring significant development to property abutting the banks of the Pootatuck River, a portion ...

  • A Chronology Of Falsehoods

    To the Editor: The chronology of outright falsehoods by Governor Malloy over the past year ought to be enough to disqualify him from ever being taken seriously again starting with last February’s announcement of a budget surplus and tax refund for al...

  • Celebrate With A Bang, But Also With Some Consideration

    To the Editor: As the summer begins, so do picnics, parties and fireworks. I'm sure that sounds great to many, but to those suffering from PTSD, the fireworks part is not as fun as it used to be.  For example, the other night I was awakened after midnight by a loud popping sound. I sat bolt upright, then cowered under my blanket until my husband reassured me that it was only someone setting off fireworks. Thankfully, it was not a very long “show,” but it still took over 10 minutes to get my heart to stop racing.

  • A New Approach?

    To the Editor: Newtown’s hard working taxpayers are paying for the investing services of Westport Resources, which, despite conservative benchmarks, has had a range of returns between –2.5 percent and –6.1 percent over several years. “Other investment firms have met similar benchmarks successfully,” “an attainable goal,” according to Town Finance Director Bob Tait. The current benchmark has even been lowered twice in recent history, states Pension Committee chair Thomas Murtha. Had Westport Financial done the same job as these other firms our town pension fund would have enjoyed a $6 million increase.